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The Lovepop Journal — posts tagged "Holidays"

Grandparents Day

Posted by Veronica Armstrong on

Grandparents Day sounds like another made up holiday you see in meme form lingering around for months on Facebook, but it isn't. It's a real thing and totally worth celebrating. Created by a grandmother with an inspiring life story, Grandparents Day is a great opportunity to show a grandparent some love. Infusing our days with thoughtfulness is a habit many of us want to practice. Sweet and low-key, Grandparents Day is the perfect holiday to put our kindness habit into practice. Marian McQuade, an activist who was passionate about senior issues, petitioned United States governors and Congress to dedicate a...

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Arbor Day 2016

Posted by Aaron Happnie on

Arbor Day is a big deal here at Lovepop. As you can see from our core collection, trees inspire us -- and Arbor Day is a good reminder that we need to preserve and maintain them for the generations to come. Arbor Day has grown in popularity in recent years, and we're thankful for it. It is an excellent opportunity to recognize and reflect on the environmental and social impact trees have on our lives. First celebrated in 1872, Arbor Day began in Nebraska when the State Board of Agriculture wanted to plant more trees in the "treeless plain." J....

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New Year Card

Posted by Veronica Armstrong on

A New Year card can represent many different things. If you've never received or gifted a New Year card, you aren't alone. While New Year's Day doesn't immediately come to mind for most as a card giving holiday, it is a perfect time for many to express well-wishes and sentiments that weren't entirely appropriate for writing on a Christmas card. HopeIt isn't unusual to feel a sense of dread or emptiness once the holidays are over. The weather is less than pleasant, the days are short, and it can feel as if there isn't much to look forward to but...

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Giving Thanks This Thursday

Posted by Acceleration Partners on

The table has been set, the turkey is defrosting, and the fridge is stocked with libations. Thanksgiving Day is upon us. For most Americans, tomorrow means football, feasting, four-day weekends, and a forerunner to Christmas. However, giving thanks this Thursday is not about turkeys or touchdowns. The heart of Thanksgiving lies in the gathering of family and friends with the common goal of reconnecting, reflecting on the past year, and relishing in all we have been blessed with. Friends. Old or new, these are the relationships that take effort and thoughtfulness. We are bound to friends because of the desire...

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