New Year Card

New Year Card

A New Year card can represent many different things. If you've never received or gifted a New Year card, you aren't alone. While New Year's Day doesn't immediately come to mind for most as a card giving holiday, it is a perfect time for many to express well-wishes and sentiments that weren't entirely appropriate for writing on a Christmas card.

New Year Card

It isn't unusual to feel a sense of dread or emptiness once the holidays are over. The weather is less than pleasant, the days are short, and it can feel as if there isn't much to look forward to but a long, cold winter. Sending a New Year card with messages of hope or optimism can be just the right thing to help a friend survive the winter doldrums.

Displaying a bright and cheerful card featuring flowers or greenery is a delightful way to countdown to warmer days when the sunshine is in abundance and the days seem less dreadful.

Champagne Bottle Pop-Up New Year Card
The beginning of a New Year offers a fresh start, an opportunity to get things right. Let a friend know that you are rooting for her by sending a note reminding her that the slate is clean, and the past is gone. The New Year is a time to start over and a New Year card can tell a friend that he or she is not alone on his or her journey.

Alternative to Holiday Cards
We love Christmas and Holiday cards but understand that with so much to do during the holiday season it can be challenging to send a card and gift to everyone who deserves one. A New Year card arrives at the perfect time; the Christmas tree has been taken down, and the mantel is clear. Sending a New Year card is an unexpected way to express your well wishes and affection but in a fresh, new way.

New Year Glasses
Host or Hostess Gift
New Year's Day brunches are blowing up. For some, they are a long-standing tradition. In the South, it is said that if one eats black-eyed peas on New Year's Day one will experience good luck and fortune for the remaining 364 days of the year.

If you are fortunate enough to receive an invitation to a New Year's Day brunch or dinner, arrive prepared with a New Year Card. Thank your host or hostess for including you in this lovely annual tradition with a surprising gift that is sure to bring smiles to everyone in attendance.

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Hi, your cards are so special, people are saving them. How about every New Years have a popup of “2019, 2020, etc!” and all sorts of fireworks and confetti . You could do similar for birthdays

Steve George

I’m blown away by how brilliant, wonderful, awesome, incredible and inspiring these fantastic cards are. It’s just a big pity they are produced in another country to where I live.


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