20+ Unique Gifts for Crafters and DIYers


The best part about your friends and family members is the unique interests, hobbies, and passions that make them who they are. For example, your best friend may enjoy reading, gardening, and listening to live music. A coworker might like to decompress by listening to music and painting. Still, your sister-in-law may prefer taking on home improvement or DIY craft projects on the weekend.

If you have a crafty friend, you know the unique challenge of searching for gifts they'll love and use. You may be shopping for a birthday gift they'll enjoy, a DIY Mother's or Father's Day gift, or a unique just-because-you're-awesome gift. In this article, we've created a little DIY vision board to help you dream & discover the best gift ideas for your favorite artsy people. 

Finding the Best Gifts for Crafters

The best gifts for crafters can vary wildly. The possibilities are endless, from paints to beads to stickers to yarn, silk flowers to polymer clay. 

And walking into a craft store without knowing what you need can be overwhelming and potentially pricey, but if you have an idea of what your crafter-friend likes, that can be super helpful. 

Below you'll find the artsiest, craftiest, sweetest ideas for unique, practical, or splurge craft gifts. We've also got some inspiration for you if you're searching for a last-minute gift or a gift for a crafter who literally already has everything. 

Gifts for DIYers and Crafters of All Kinds

DIYers and crafters come in endless forms, just like the beautiful things they make. Some enjoy creating crafts to display at home, while others have businesses to supply others with beautiful handmade works of art.

When shopping for a crafty gift, it's best to know three things: what kind of craft, what materials your friend uses, and if there's anything specific on their wish list. You may already know this information or need to gather some intel. You can ask them about their crafting wish list—they'll be delighted you did—or chat with a mutual friend or their partner. 

Let's get into all the artsy-fartsy good stuff, the actual gift ideas. And as always, don't forget a unique & artful pop-up card for your crafty friend—they'll remember how awesome it is for a long time. 

Unique Gifts for Crafters 

What are some unique gifts for arts & crafts lovers? Of course, they enjoy the most eclectic, vibrant things the world has to offer, which makes it tricky to narrow it down for their birthday or another special occasion. 

  1. A beginner's craft they've never tried. If they like to try new things, give them a new skill to try their hand at—there are beginner embroidery kits, jewelry-making sets, and create-your-own coaster sets. Or, the latest popular craft: needle punching! 

  2. Stickerpop stickers. Butterflies, robots, and dinos, oh my! These adorable Stickerpop pop-up stickers are cute & entertaining for various crafts, gifts, and decor for children, your home, or the office. If you're looking for something new to "wow" your friend who loves arts & crafts, this is the one. 

  3. An artfully styled cake or explosion box. Your crafty friend can appreciate the beauty of an artistically-designed cake more than anyone! An explosion cake from Send a Cake or an artistic cake from a local bakery will serve two purposes—food for the party & a creative way to celebrate. Win-win! 

  4. Something you crafted for them. Handmade gifts are usually meaningful, especially if your friend knows it takes extra effort—or you don't usually make DIY gifts. If you take your time to create artwork for their home, a personalized wood-burned craft, a bar of soap, or a friendship bracelet, they'll love that you made something creative & cool for them.

  5. A crafty experience. From paint-and-sip nights to pottery lessons to calligraphy classes, there are lots of fun artistic adventures to gift. If it's for your Mama or BFF, offer to come along. Time together + a fun craft = the best unique gift ever.

Practical Gifts for Crafters

  1. Sometimes the most practical gifts are indeed the best for crafters. They need all the fun supplies but rely on the necessities to do the job well. These gifts are simple and guaranteed winners. 

  2. Their go-to craft supplies. Knitters are gonna kit & painters are gonna paint. If they have a craft or medium of choice, it's a safe and practical bet. 

  3. A cute knitting needle gauge. Needle gauges are affordable & useful, and some are adorable to boot. Search for one shaped like a unicorn, dachshund, sheep, or hedgehog. 

  4. A t-shirt to announce their love for crafting. Etsy has a t-shirt for every artist, no matter their craft of choice. Just be sure to order early enough that it will arrive in time. 

  5. Rolling storage cart. If craft supplies are taking over in their office, craft room, or just their whole entire house—#craftingprobs—then a rolling storage cart can be thoughtful & super helpful. 

  6. A neck light. You may think of a neck light most commonly for reading, but they can be great for crafters who work 'round the clock and need a little extra light when embroidering, knitting, or crocheting. 

  7. A nice pair of scissors. No matter the craft, scissors are a helpful tool, and it's shocking how they seem to walk off on their own two…blades. A new pair of embroidery, fabric, or multipurpose paper scissors are always welcome. 

Splurge Gifts for Crafters

How about a splurge? If the sky's the limit, go for it and get a gift they'll never forget. They'll love you forever & be able to take their crafting to the next level. 

  1. A top-notch crafting machine. If cost isn't an issue, some of the most popular crafting machines currently are the Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, and Glowforge. You'll need to know what types of crafts they enjoy—for example, cutting vs. engraving. 

  2. A monthly craft subscription box. A subscription box is an excellent idea for a gift that keeps giving. You can subscribe for six months, a year, or whatever works for you. They'll get a new box monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly—but you'll get the bill. Some popular suggestions include Home Made Luxe, Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club, Maker Crate by KiwiCo, and Crafter. 

  3. A new sewing machine. If they can dream it, you can buy it—maybe. An upgraded sewing or embroidery machine is a splendid splurge gift for friends who sew. Add the sweetest, most adorable pop-up card to say, "I love you sew much!" 

  4. A Dreambox. Hey, this is a pricey one, but we're talking splurges. A Dreambox is an armoire you can fill with craft supplies and tuck them all neatly away—AKA every crafter's dream organizer. 

  5. Power tools. Wait, what? Does your DIYer love to make wooden signs, shelves, or furniture? A power tool upgrade is just the thing. If you don't know about power tools, a gift card to a hardware store works too! 

Last-Minute Gifts for Crafters

It happens. You forget all about shopping for a special gift, but you still want to have something unique & sweet for your craft-loving friend! This list of last-minute gifts for crafters will help you find a perfect present in a pinch. 

  1. A DIY bath bomb kit. Target, Michael's, and Amazon all have bath bomb kits you can order and pick up same-day or have mailed within a day or two. If you need a gift in a hurry, these are easy & fun gifts for crafters.

  2. Online art class. You can sign them up for an art class and have the information e-mailed to them. It's a last-minute gift that can help them expand their knowledge, providing new experiences & connections. CreativeLive, Udemy, Coursera, and MasterClass are some crafters' favorites. 

  3. Coloring book & glitter gel pens. Need we say any more? Give your crafter an artistic & meditative gift for relaxation, focus, and inner peace. 

  4. A bookstore gift card or book. Bookstores contain DIY books, how-tos, and infamous artist biographies galore! They also often sell day planners, journals, and project planners—all ideal for artists. 

  5. Artsy everyday items. A colorful cup can double as a paint cup, or a macrame wall hanging is lovely for hanging in a craft room or art studio. Fun markers, cute office supplies, or colorful notepads are perfect for crafters. They're also easy to pick up from Target on a whim. 

  6. A creative pop-up flower bouquet. This beautiful watercolor pop-up rose bouquet is a unique and fabulous gift. Customize it on the Lovepop website and we'll send it directly to them if you need it to arrive ASAP. If you want to add a little something extra, how about an e-gift card to a favorite shop or restaurant? 

Gifts for Crafters Who Have Everything

What about gifts for crafters who have everything? This one can take a bit of brainstorming, but there are still some fantastic ideas. For people who have everything, unique and personalized gifts are often super meaningful. Here are a few ideas to get you started. And remember a thoughtful card or pop-up flower bouquet makes a lovely addition to any gift! 

  1. A gift card to their favorite craft store. From large arts & crafts chains like Michael's and Joann's to smaller craft shops, a gift card is practical. So if they don't need anything now, they'll be able to use it as soon as they do. 

  2. A home cleaning service. Let them spend more time creating and less time tidying up around the house. Now, that's a gift that creative people everywhere can get on board with! 

  3. Unique glass gifts. Glass decor, jewelry, and gifts are popular because they're beautiful and unique. Uncommon Goods offers lots of supercool glasses, sculptures, window charms, nightlights, earrings, and more. 

  4. Anything terrazzo. Vanity trays, coasters, planters, vases, earrings, and more! Nothing says artsy quite like terrazzo-style decor. Many crafty people will love the eclectic vibe of anything in this style. 

  5. Coffee table art book. What's their favorite artist or style of art? A coffee table book to share with friends & family or flip through on their own is a lovely idea. You can even write a thoughtful note on the inside. 

  6. A DIY paper monstera kit. Gift them a craft they can enjoy and a houseplant that requires zero maintenance – it’s a win-win! The crafter in your life will love this trendy monstera model.


We hope you've found inspiration here for the best gifts for crafters & DIYers. You want to make your friends & family feel celebrated by sharing what matters most to them, and we love sharing our ideas to enhance the connections in your lives—and make your love pop

And no matter what wonderful gift you buy for your crafty friends or family, don't forget the cutest pop-up card! There's no better way to show how much you care than with a handwritten note in an unforgettable card.

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