Arbor Day 2016

Arbor Day 2016

Arbor Day is a big deal here at Lovepop. As you can see from our core collection, trees inspire us -- and Arbor Day is a good reminder that we need to preserve and maintain them for the generations to come.
Willow Tree Pop Up Greeting Card

Arbor Day has grown in popularity in recent years, and we're thankful for it. It is an excellent opportunity to recognize and reflect on the environmental and social impact trees have on our lives. First celebrated in 1872, Arbor Day began in Nebraska when the State Board of Agriculture wanted to plant more trees in the "treeless plain."

J. Sterling Morton, a Detroit native, and recent Nebraska transplant wrote about "environmental stewardship and the interrelatedness of life" and proposed that Nebraskans set aside a day to celebrate and plant trees.

It was a beautiful beginning to the Arbor Day tradition that would continue and expand from Nebraska, throughout the United States and reach as far as Australia.

Lovepop Arbor Day

Why does Lovepop care about Arbor Day?

It’s because we LOVE paper! Paper is at the center of our company, passion, and creativity. There's so much cool stuff one can create with paper but in order to keep creating we've got to keep planting trees.

Since, paper is so central to our company, we’ve committed to planting more trees than we consume. Lovepop is passionate about using sustainable papers and paper harvesting methods. 

Lovepop Arbor Day

Our personal connection to Arbor Day

As much as we have a deep company commitment to preserving our most precious resource: paper, we also have a strong personal and emotional connection to trees. Trees are classic symbols of life, and as you can tell by our selection of spring pop-up cards, trees inspire our design team.

Everyone on the team has a favorite type of tree and a memory associated with it. Whether it is climbing an oak tree as a child, strolling through gorgeous cherry blossoms in Japan with a friend, or tree planting on Arbor day after school (I remember this fondly) there’s just something special about trees.

This connection is something that should be celebrated on a personal level, and so we get together as a team on Arbor Day and personally plant trees in the community. It’s a great way to have fun as a team, while sharing an experience that brings us together and reinforces our commitment to Arbor Day and to the sustainable use of paper.

It also gives us great design inspiration for future tree cards.

Lovepop Arbor Day

Join in on our celebration of trees and give back by organizing a tree planting in your community, becoming involved with the Arbor Day Foundation, or raising awareness of the positive environmental impact of tree replenishment.

In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation each April, we commit to planting one tree for every Willow Tree pop-up card we sell. Last year we planted 500 trees and this year we'd love to double it (we're a competitive team)!

Give a friend or loved one a gorgeous gift while giving back to our environment.

How do you celebrate Arbor Day?

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Thank you for this note Hayley.

We include the piece of paper because the majority of our customers order more than one card at a time and like to know which card is which before opening. I will talk to the team – perhaps this can be achieved using less paper.

The plastic is necessary to protect the cards during shipping but once again a worthwhile conversation for the team.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share and for your kind words.

It means a lot to us.


I LOVE these cards they’re absolutely beautiful but claiming you are using sustainable methods for harvesting is great and all but I don’t appreciate that they come with a piece of unnecessary glossy paper and plastic wrap. I didn’t read the paper I just threw it away. like I would any junk mail.


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