Giving Thanks This Thursday

The table has been set, the turkey is defrosting, and the fridge is stocked with libations. Thanksgiving Day is upon us. For most Americans, tomorrow means football, feasting, four-day weekends, and a forerunner to Christmas. However, giving thanks this Thursday is not about turkeys or touchdowns. The heart of Thanksgiving lies in the gathering of family and friends with the common goal of reconnecting, reflecting on the past year, and relishing in all we have been blessed with.

Friends. Old or new, these are the relationships that take effort and thoughtfulness. We are bound to friends because of the desire to connect with people who might be a little different than our normal families. They are the unique and unexpected parts of our lives that make each day filled to the brim with smiles and satisfaction. Meaningful friendships not only make life more enjoyable, but they help foster positive goals, they lessen grief, and they contribute to a healthy well-rounded life. That's definitely something to be thankful for!

Lovepop Founders golden gate bridge

 John and Wombi are longtime friends and now business partners. Family. These are the people who know everything about us and accept us anyway. Even if our relationships have been tested at times, family is the one part of our lives that cannot be denied. We experience all of life's highs and lows together; not only do these experiences create memories for years to come, they also give family members a stronger sense of belonging. Thanksgiving provides a time for reflection and appreciation of all the wonderful family members that have impacted our lives.

Blue gold elephant family lifestyle shot These elephants are an important part of our own LovePop family![/caption] So this Thursday, don't just pass the potatoes. Take the time to tell the people you love why you are thankful for them. During this upcoming holiday season of celebration, give thanks for those things that are truly the most valuable and important: our life, our health, our friends, and our families. And from our family to yours... Happy Thanksgiving! LovePop brand symbol

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