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Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day sounds like another made up holiday you see in meme form lingering around for months on Facebook, but it isn't.

It's a real thing and totally worth celebrating. Created by a grandmother with an inspiring life story, Grandparents Day is a great opportunity to show a grandparent some love.

Infusing our days with thoughtfulness is a habit many of us want to practice. Sweet and low-key, Grandparents Day is the perfect holiday to put our kindness habit into practice.

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Marian McQuade, an activist who was passionate about senior issues, petitioned United States governors and Congress to dedicate a day to celebrate our country's grandparents. President Jimmy Carter signed legislation in 1978 proclaiming the Sunday after Labor Day as Grandparents Day. A portion of the proclamation reads “Grandparents are our continuing tie to the near-past, to events and beliefs and experiences that so strongly affect our lives and the world around us. Whether they are our own or surrogate grandparents who fill some of the gaps in our mobile society, our senior generation also provides our society a link to our national heritage and traditions.”

Although Marian passed away in 2008, her legacy is strong and continues to touch many. According to her obituary, she had 15 children, 43 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. Several of whom continue to champion causes that impact the elderly. Marian often said when asked about her work “I am the luckiest person in the world. I have a wonderful and understanding husband, my children are all healthy and well, and my grandchildren and great-grandchildren brighten my days. And then I have my work promoting Grandparents Day, working with seniors and visiting the sick and lonely in hospitals and nursing homes. What more could I want?”

Marian's passion for letting our grandparents know they're loved is inspiring. While we cherish our grandparents, there are always opportunities to let them know, in our own words, why they are special to us. The relationships we share with grandparents are diverse. Grandparents are our caregivers, best friends, heroes, and often the most thoughtful people in our lives.

You can always count on Grandma to give your goofy selfie a like on Facebook or to listen to you go on and on about your shoddy dating game while power watching the Bachelorette. Grandparents are the ultimate partner in crime. When they're not slipping you a $20 or keeping your secrets safe from your nosy parents, they're likely feeding you and telling you how great you are. Grandparents are the best, and you should remind them of this often. Use Grandparent's Day as an excuse to let them know how much you care.

What's your favorite thing about your grandparents?

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Hi Tim,
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Shouldn’t it be Grandparents’ Day (plural), not Grandparent’s Day (singular)? Like Presidents’ Day, not President’s Day.

Tim Dougherty

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