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The Lovepop Journal

Meet LovePop Team Member Colin!

Posted by Courtney Love on

  What is your title/job description? Accounts Manager/ Custom Card Design Manager. I process all B2B sales ranging from wholesale accounts, partnerships, and custom card orders. My hometown is: Mt. Pleasant, Iowa I'm most inspired by:  People who will go out of their way to make people laugh and smile. Chris Farley is a great example of this personality. Since working at LovePop, I've learned: ...more than I can reasonably list in a single paragraph. Instead, I will list the top five things that I've learned. 1. Take the opportunity to speak with everyone you can. You never know who will...

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Sail into history with LovePop's Young America card...

Posted by Courtney Love on

Upon first glance, LovePop's Young America Clipper Ship card opens in similar fashion to many of our cards: with an unexpected pop of surprise and delight. However, the Young America is not just another one of our amazing cards, it is a symbol of our roots in Naval architecture, a reminder of where we come from, and a celebration of one of the greatest ship builders in history. Our Young America Clipper Ship card sits proudly overlooking the Long Island Sound where Webb Institute is located.[/caption] Designed by Naval architect William H. Webb, the Young America was built in 1853...

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Grandparents Day: What to Write

Posted by Veronica Armstrong on

Is Grandparents Day really a thing? One might be tempted to believe that National Grandparents Day is another pretend holiday put forth by Big Greeting Card in a greedy attempt to line their already bursting pockets with yet another card giving occasion. I can't speak for the entire industry, but I can tell you that despite what the motives behind this new holiday might be I am not taking the risk of not taking Grandparents Day seriously. Who doesn't love Grandparents? They are the undisputed most important people in the world. Who slips you cash money when your mom isn't...

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We Are So Excited

Posted by 306 on

It is an exciting day for the lovepop family. Today marks the finale of lovepop’s participation in the amazing Techstars Startup Accelerator program. Techstars provides businesses with support in the form of intensive mentorship, access to an incredible network of mentors, seed funding, and more. On Demo Day (today!) members of the 2015 Techstars class take the stage to tell their stories and pitch their businesses. After three months of intense focus and hard work, our team is looking forward to sharing lovepop’s story with the public and entrepreneurial community. Participating in Techstars has provided us with an awesome opportunity...

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A LovePop Wedding: Erin & Josh

Posted by 6 on

Custom card requests come in very often to the LovePop office, however nothing brings us more joy than designing custom wedding invitations - especially when they're for close friends. Here are the details of the most recent LovePop wedding of our good friends Erin & Josh... LovePop founders John and Wombi have known Erin & Josh for many years. Since being commissioned as a Naval Officer, Josh has been sending LovePop cards to Erin for quite some time, so when it came time to choose a special invitation that reflected their unconventional wedding on the island of St. Thomas, LovePop jumped at the chance to...

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