Made With Lovepop: July 2016

Made With Lovepop: July 2016

At Lovepop, we love what we do because of you all! Every time we get a shoutout, we feel so inspired by your love and support for what we bring to the world.

Our Made With Lovepop series features some of your special Lovepop moments.

Instagram: Josh Wilson Photography

This beautiful Wedding Day Card is the perfect wedding gift for a newlywed bride and groom. We also have this card in variations that feature two brides and two grooms. What kind of wedding card should we make next?

Photo credit: | Wedding Day Pop Up Card


Instagram: bethkostelnik

This adorable Gold Birthday Bear Card is a great birthday card for any birthday boy or girl. What kind of birthday card would you like to see next?

Photo credit: @bethkostelnik | Gold Birthday Bear Pop Up Card


Instagram: adamentb

This lovely Willow Love Scene Card says I love you like no other card. Which card would you give to your significant other?

Photo credit: @adamentb | Willow Love Scene Pop Up Card


Instagram: alphakiloltd

This Kraken Card brings this sea monster to life in the best way. Which mythological creature should we feature next in a card?

Photo credit: @alphakiloltd | Release the Kraken Pop Up Card


Instagram: djdum

The Couple in Love Card inspired this amazing proposal prop. Which Lovepop card would you propose with?

Photo credit: @djdum | Proposal Prop Inspired by Couple in Love Pop Up Card


Instagram: momslilmonster

This amazing Pirate Ship Card is full of adventure and imagination. Which of our many ship cards is your favorite?

Photo credit: @momslilmonster | Pirate Ship Pop Up Card


Instagram: adelineandgracephoto

This endearing Lovers in a Dogwood Tree Card is the perfect card for all occasions celebrating love. What occasion would you use this card for?

Photo credit: @adelineandgracephoto | Lovers in a Dogwood Tree Pink Pop Up Card


Instagram: sassyinsequins

This magical Unicorn Card is a wonderful card for just about every occasion. What occasion do you think this card is best for?

Photo credit: @sassyinsequins | Unicorn Pop Up Card


Instagram: blameitonbrooke

This detailed Diamond Ring Card is an amazing card for professing your love to someone. Fact: someone has successfully used it for a proposal. Do you have a Lovepop success story to share?

Photo credit: @blameitonbrooke | Diamond Ring Pop Up Card


Instagram: dental_support_specialties

This simple Floral Bouquet Card is an exquisite card that will brighten anyone's day. Who would you give this card to?

Photo credit: @dental_support_specialties | Floral Bouquet Gold Pop Up Card


How is your story made with Lovepop? Tag us in your photos on Instagram (@lovepopcards) with #lovepop or #lovepopcards and we'll feature your pictures in our next round of Made With Lovepop.


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Please do mote cards for young girls who like glamour and sparkle. I would love to see something with real glitz for a birthday card.

Catherine Faircloth

Do you have a retirement card for a nurse?

TEri TAylor

how about a big salmon caught in Canada.

marlene brenan

Thank you for all of the support! In fact, we already have two beautiful instruments – a Guitar card and Celtic Harp card. We may be seeing more instruments really soon. :)

Catalina at Lovepop

I absolutely LOVE your cards!!! I’ve bought many of your beautiful cards & have plans to buy many more. I’m wondering if there are future plans to have cards with musical instruments. Like a cello? Hint, hint. Thank you for all the beauty & creativity you’re bringing to our world!

Donna From Georgia

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