Lovepop on The View!

When we found out that Lovepop would be making an appearance on ABC's The View alongside Kevin O'Leary and a handful of fellow Shark Tank companies, we were pumped! Lovepop HQ was buzzing. We immediately learned that Colin is a huge Whoopi Goldberg fan.

Huge! Who knew?

Lovepop The View Shark Tank

We've all watched the iconic daytime talk show, and everyone has a favorite host. Will Whoopi like Willow Tree? Which card would delight Joy? Will there be shouting or controversy? Will they like us?! We had so many questions. And we just couldn't believe that we'd be sharing our pop-up creations with some of the most brilliant and outspoken women on television. It was a wee bit intimidating.

Just a little.

Lovepop The View Shark Tanks

We headed to New York City unsure of what to expect. As we made our way backstage we realized it was going to be a long, but fun, day. Several Shark Tank companies were setting up and prepping for showtime alongside us. Armed with a small table, risers, and glue dots it was up to us to display our assortment of Lovepops. Easy right?


Lovepop The View Shark Tank

With so many awesome designs to choose from it was hard to pick which cards would make the cut. Ultimately we agreed upon an assortment we thought The View hosts and the audience would love. We threw in some of Mr. Wonderful's favorites too, of course. After the slightly stressful exercise of setting up a display of Lovepop pop-up cards that millions of television viewers would see - the real work began.

Lovepop The View Shark Tank

In the green room, surrounded by inventors, entrepreneurs, producers (and a much appreciated brownie and cookie buffet!), John and Wombi reflected on how much Lovepop has changed since they first appeared on Shark Tank. There is so much fantastic news, how could we share it all in just a few minutes? It's not easy paring down three month's of post-Shark Tank success into a few moments, but John and Wombi were up for the challenge.

Lovepop The View Shark Tank

Ultimately we couldn’t predict exactly what questions John and Wombi would be asked, which pop-up cards the hosts would show, or what part of the business Mr. Wonderful would most want to discuss. We chatted about the most impactful experiences and lessons learned during the past few months and waited for John and Wombi to be called on set.

Lovepop The View Shark Tabnk

We watched backstage as Wombi, John, and Kevin O'Leary chatted it up with Whoopi Goldberg and Michelle Collins. It was incredible to watch Whoopi's face light up when she opened up the Pirate Ship. The smile on her face was priceless. Her expression reflected every emotion we want people to feel when they experience a Lovepop: delight, wonder, and ridiculous fun at the same time. It was a little hard to watch from afar as we're huge fans of Sister Act. Totally had to restrain ourselves from running up to her and asking for a hug (we love you Whoopi!).

Michelle Collins was delightful. She asked Mr. Wonderful about his partnership with us, and he told her a bit about why Lovepop spoke to him. He explained that he's seen it all - from impersonal e-cards to e-gift certificates, but most come up short because they lack emotion and the human touch.

Not the case with Lovepop. Hand-crafted paper art is uniquely personal. As Mr. Wonderful aka Mr. Love says: everything old is new again. After the segment, Michelle even asked John and Wombi to write to her.

Even celebrities love snail mail!

Lovepop The View Shark Tank

Lovepop The View Shark Tank

Appearing on The View was a tremendous experience. We are thankful for the opportunity to share our passion and motivation for creating unique paper art for everyone to enjoy. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for your support along the way. We can't wait to see what adventures await.

Lovepop The View Shark Tank

Have a question about The View or Shark Tank for John or Wombi? Ask away in the comments.

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Thanks so much Theresa! Did she love it? :)


Hi Dale! Thank you so much. I am glad you found us too. Thank you for your support and kind words.


Hi Billie – it is definitely on our radar :) We love motorcycles too and hope you and your son will love it!


Placing my first order. How about a motorcycle ? I can just imagine my son’s delight when opening it. Hope it’s soon. Love your products.


My granddaughter was absolutely thrilled to receive the Unicorn card for her birthday! Suggestion for new pop-up card:
I have a couple of friends who collect Medieval Dragons—sculptures/figurines, images, any items of art connected with or showing dragons from the time of medieval castles in England or Scotland. Would you be able to design a really nice pop-up dragon?
Thank you!
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Anna M. Soria

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