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The Lovepop Journal

Trick or Treat: 5 DIY Paper Halloween Costumes That Are Truly Something Sweet!

Posted by Veronica Armstrong on

Creating an awesome Halloween costume can be a difficult and expensive task, especially at the last minute. Fortunately, we’ve put together some super sweet DIY costume inspirations that won’t break the bank. The best part? They’re all made from paper and objects found around the house! Just don’t forget to recycle your costume when the night is over…   1. Shrimp Mocktail Costume Materials: peach/pink paper, scissors, clear tape, black marker, and an endless supply of cocktails. Linus & The Feel Good Factory 2. Snailed ItMaterials: brown craft paper, clear tape, headband, styrofoam balls, ribbon. Cute and eco-friendly… the true definition of...

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The Making of LovePop Holiday Card

Posted by 4 on

Our facebook fans spoke and we have answered!  All of our team has come together to create LovePop’s new magical winter snow-scape card.  We want to take this opportunity to give everyone a peak behind the curtain and talk about what goes into making a LovePop card.  From illustrating, to engineering, to hand-making the final product, it is certainly a team effort!   Designing the Perfect Card It all begins with an idea.  We spend hours brainstorming on what special image, feeling, or moment in time we should capture in one of our cards.  This time we had some great...

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LovePop goes to Paris for conference

Posted by Wombi Rose on

As a young team building a rapidly growing company, the LovePop team is constantly taking on new challenges and stretching its boundaries into unknown territory. As you can imagine, guidance from experienced hands at company-building is worth its weight in gold. When we applied for the Class of 2015, we thought we were competing for an investment, but we were completely wrong. Arrival in Paris Touchdown Paris, for the first quarterly conference of the Class of 2015! The first day we met 11 amazing companies from the Class of 2014. Unu is bringing the electric scooter to Europe in...

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A LovePop Promposal

Posted by Ale Andres on

It’s that time of year again for Prom. Before the choosing the dress, transportation and making dinner all starts with the promposal. We are so excited to have been apart of Kyle’s promposal to Greta! Kyle went the "extra smile" when he asked Greta this year. Here is his story!   The preparation: Just a small photo of Greta and himself sailing aboard the Tallship (wood). It's safe to say he's a genius, and very thoughtful!     The Presentation: Kyle presented Greta his promposal complete with chocolate, roses and the LovePop Card.   Greta’s reaction:      ...

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Swimming in the Charles

Posted by Lovepop Team on

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