The Making of LovePop Holiday Card

Our facebook fans spoke and we have answered!  All of our team has come together to create LovePop’s new magical winter snow-scape card.  We want to take this opportunity to give everyone a peak behind the curtain and talk about what goes into making a LovePop card.  From illustrating, to engineering, to hand-making the final product, it is certainly a team effort!  

Designing the Perfect Card

It all begins with an idea.  We spend hours brainstorming on what special image, feeling, or moment in time we should capture in one of our cards.  This time we had some great help from our fans who told us what they connect with when they think of the holidays!  Each card is a unique combination of paper engineering and intricate illustration.  We determine what construction technique should be used to make the image truly come to life and then we draw, draw, draw to get the two dimensional pieces just right.  In this case we used the construction style similar to our unique birthday card the Birthday Owl.  

Prepare to be Laser Cut

All the drawings are then transferred into the computer so that it can be cut.  For most of our prototyping, we use a Silhouette CAMEO® cutting machine (our final products are cut by laser cutter).  The CAMEO® is an inexpensive but powerful piece of equipment that can cut intricate shapes drawn in a computer just like the laser cutter, but it uses a blade rather than a laser.  We like it because it is small and portable so we can design on the go.  

Producing the Handmade Card

After the pieces are cut, all of the parts are assembled and glued together by hand.  Between the cutting time and the assembly time it takes between 20 and 30 minutes to completely make each card.  After the card is assembled it is packaged and ready to be the perfect holiday gift!  Between the design and construction process it takes a lot of work to make a LovePop card, but we love it.  We are creating more than just a card; we are creating a piece of art that will connect people and be cherished by those who receive it.  This contest has kicked off our holiday card designing so follow us on facebook and pinterest to see the full collection this fall! LovePop makes laser-cut, pop-up greeting cards for all occasions.  Check out their full collection of unique cards at
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I bought 4 of these cards inside the Oculus right next to the Memorial in World Trade Center Memorial. I’m so impressed and everyone else was who I gifted. I’m now going to buy a Boss Laser
to make my wifes wedding invites! I highly recommend LovePop’s


I first learned about Lovepop from shark tank and purchased the willow tree card for my daughter because when she was around 2-3 years old she viewed our willow tree from her bedroom window and talked about it all the time. Without knowing she even nicknamed the willow……“the naked tree” ( it was winter time then) so, that is what the entire family called it from then on……when she opened that card she began to cry very happy tears because it sparked her childhood memory of “the naked tree”. That card was one of the best things I have ever purchased for her because it is a significant reminder of her childhood. I know it sounds weird but the card was given to her on Christmas because I always find her at least one gift that is the grooviest gift of all… that means a lot to my daughter. And Lovepop it was your willow tree card that my daughter loved the best that year for Christmas…..and she received many nice things but it was the Lovepop card that was her most favorite! So thank you Lovepop for all your creativity and hard work! I’m telling you, if you could have been there to see the reaction on my daughters face and witness those happy tears, you would have seen that your cards are really more than just paper and pretty colors/pictures.


Saw you on shark tank and you can be assured that I am going to be a regular customer. They are beautiful.

Delores Scott

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