Trick or Treat: 5 DIY Paper Halloween Costumes That Are Truly Something Sweet!

Creating an awesome Halloween costume can be a difficult and expensive task, especially at the last minute. Fortunately, we’ve put together some super sweet DIY costume inspirations that won’t break the bank. The best part? They’re all made from paper and objects found around the house! Just don’t forget to recycle your costume when the night is over…


1. Shrimp Mocktail Costume
Materials: peach/pink paper, scissors, clear tape, black marker, and an endless supply of cocktails.

Linus & The Feel Good Factory

2. Snailed It
Materials: brown craft paper, clear tape, headband, styrofoam balls, ribbon. Cute and eco-friendly… the true definition of “slug life” KidsSnailCostume

3. Social Media Mavens - Instagram Page & Hashtag 

Materials: white poster board, markers, printed emojis, scissors, glue, and your best selfie face.

Materials: white poster board, glue/clear tape, string, and #yourself..

4. “Project” Runway Paper Doll Costumes
Materials: White poster board, markers/paint, string, and your fashionista attitude.


Adult Version
Disney's Family Fun Magazine

5. It’s Fall Ya’ll! Bag of Leaves Costume
Materials: large paper bag, leaves, stapler/glue, rake, clear duct tape for straps, and a little motivation to rake your yard for leaves!

Happy Halloween! Head back to our LovePop pages to make sure you get more surprising treats this holiday season!

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