But wait... there's more! Introducing Lovepop Gift Tags

But wait... there's more! Introducing Lovepop Gift Tags


Lovepoo Gift Tags Snowflake

Earlier this year, we welcomed three incredible Tabletop Christmas Trees to the Lovepop family. And today, we celebrate another something awesome: a new Lovepop innovation, Lovepop Gift Tag 4-Packs!

(Oooh! Ahh!)

Our Lovepop Gift Tags make your presents prettier, but that's not all they do. Oh yes, there's so much more.

First, a little background

The Lovepop Gift Tags are the result of our awesome designers working extra hard to give you something special and BRAND NEW for the holidays. Each mini pop-up design is dreamed up and handcrafted the same as a full-size Lovepop card and carries just as much magic and marvel.

A.K.A. No one says Snickers Fun-Size is less fun. Right? Right.

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Tulips Lovepop Gift Tags

Now, where can I use them?

We've introduced four new designs — Christmas Tree, Snowflake, Tulips, Balloon Bouquet — in packs of 4 with gold-twist baker's twine. (Sweet!)

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    Each is perfect to jazz up a present box or gift bag, but that's not all! You'll want to stock up. Where to start? Start here. 

    • Make your wine shine when passed off to a holiday hostess or host. 
    • Stake your claim on your world famous cookies at the bake sale. 
    • Tuck into a school lunch for a surprise they'll NEVER trade for a bag of chips. 
    • Use as a table place setting they'll slide into their pocket for later. 
    • Tie onto a bundle of flowers for an instant bouquet! 
    • Add a personal touch to gift bags, party crackers, or any corporate gift. 
    • Create a custom label for your homebrew growler or cordial concoction. 
    • Cause a scene in your dollhouse or model Christmas village.
    • Add an interactive element to your scrapbook pages.
    • Send one off to someone you love for a business-card-sized wallet reminder that you care. 
    How will you use the new Lovepop Gift Tags? Share your ideas in the comment below.


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