Get to know our Lovepop Tabletop Christmas Trees

Get to know our Lovepop Tabletop Christmas Trees

Lovepop Tabletop Christmas Tree (Portable, pop-up, paper Christmas Trees)

We have A LOT to celebrate this holiday season — but one of our favorites is definitely the new Lovepop Tabletop Trees. We’ve debuted three awesome 3D paper Christmas trees that can pop up… pretty much anywhere. At 21” tall, they’re the perfect size to gift, decorate with, or keep all to yourself, and come with hang-it-yourself laser-cut ornaments and a red velvet tree skirt.

The Ornate, Festive, and Classic Tabletop Trees each feature unique, green cut-outs and sturdy paper bases. They’re lightweight, portable, and always impressive.

But wondering where you’ll celebrate with one of your own? Oh, well, the opportunities are endless….

 ‘Tis the holiday season in towns and cities alike,
What are you wishing for, some socks or a bike?
Not me, I say, and maybe you’ll agree,
All I want for Christmas this year is a Tabletop Tree!

It folds flat in storage,
Then pops up to the perfect size,
Wow, can you believe it?
A tree appeared right before your eyes!

A colorful array of ornaments,
A red, velvet-y tree skirt,
Without those prickly pine needles,
There’s no way you can get hurt!

It’s made from evergreen paper,
And therefore, not alive.
It’s perfect for small spaces,
Where real plants are forbidden to thrive!

Oh, just imagine,
The cheer* and glee,

Made for you and your friends,
With your Tabletop Tree.

Lovepop Tabletop Christmas Tree (Foldable pop-up Christmas tree)

*Ways to spread holiday cheer with the Lovepop Tabletop Trees 

  • Jazz up... your office cubicle
  • A retirement home
  • A teeny-tiny city apartment
  • A dorm
  • A classroom.
  • Transport it... in a taxi — fits right in the backseat!
  • On the subway
  • On a tour bus
  • On a holiday cruise
  • On a plane (Fits the size requirements of a carry-on)
  • Into outer space (BTW, do you know any astronauts?)
  • Display it... on your mantle (PSA: keep away from fireplace flames)
  • Next to your dog’s bed,
  • At the helm of your holiday card display,
  • On your bedside table,
  • At your campsite, 
  • In a mobile home,
  • In the center of your holiday bake sale display,
  • Atop the piano in your holiday party host’s home,
  • Leading by example in your urban jungle,
  • As the backdrop of your perception-bending photo booth,
  • Towering next to a dollhouse,
  • As the centerpiece of a holiday feast.
  • Take it on a trip... to your dentist appointment (what a sugar-free surprise!),
  • To the beach (remember to give it some shades),
  • To visit Santa at the mall,
  • Your kiddo's hockey game,
  • To see the team at your favorite restaurant,
  • Around your neighborhood. Caroling just got a lot more festive!
  • Add some rule-abiding joy... to a hospital bedside,
  • The science lab,
  • To the doctor's waiting room,
  • Across intercontinental lines,
  • A nursing home.
  • Pop it in the mail... to visit your pen pal,
  • To your remote colleagues,
  • To your BFF across the country,
  • To your loved ones at a military base,
  • To your homesick college kid.

    WARNING: Expect it to be traded, stolen, and bargained for at the Yankee Swap.

    Store it under the bed, into an attic, or really anywhere (it folds flat!) ... until next year!

    Share how you'll spread joy this season using our new holiday delight in the comments below or by using #LovepopCards on social. 
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