Cheers to National Beer Lovers Day!

Cheers to National Beer Lovers Day!

It's National Beer Lovers Day. Not to be confused with National Beer Day — that's in April and also worth celebrating. But National Beer Lovers Day, an awesome day that's sure to bring smiles to any beer lover in your life.

Like our Consumer Tech Lead Chris Puzzo. He's our resident beer connoisseur. He even gifted mini his-and-hers custom brews made by his hops-lovin' family at his wedding!

We asked him why beer has become such an important part of his life, and it was easy for him to explain:

Lovepop and beer have four very important things in common.

"To me, beer is all about the connection between those enjoying it. Even as we grow into adulthood and everyone's personal lives and families evolve, beer fests are one of the few occasions that will bring my closest group of friends together. It's also one of the main excuses we have to keep in touch with a close friend who moved to L.A. ... who is now a brewer!

Whether it's enjoying a Gose on the beach in the summer sun or an imperial porter by a late fall campfire, the meticulous engineering involved in the seemingly endless array of beer styles always means you've got the perfect libation for any occasion.

I also find it fascinating how the microbrew industry has spawned tons of hungry entrepreneurial companies to service it, even outside the breweries themselves. The most ingenious idea I've heard is a company that puts a beer canning line in the back of a tractor-trailer and lets smaller breweries rent it out for the day by driving it directly to their brews site.

This saves the brewer hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and lets them ensure their product is distributed to their own internal quality standards — both of which are things we care a lot about here at Lovepop!

And of course: magic. It's magical that the same 4 ingredients (grains, hops, yeast, and water) can come together to create so many different varieties and so much joy in the world."

We'll cheers to that! Happy National Beer Lovers Day! 

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