How to tackle your Christmas card list: Advice from the experts

How to tackle your Christmas card list: Advice from the experts

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Buy your books of stamps and get your fine-tipped Sharpies in a row: it's time to send your holiday cards!

We know tackling your card list at this time of the year can be stressful — it's a big task! But it doesn't have to be a difficult one. We created some beautiful new Lovepop designs for the holidays and outlined some non-trad ideas to season your greetings.

And for everything else, we asked our always-thoughtful loyalists in our Lovepop Insider Community. They relish in making magical moments for the ones they love, any time of the year. But for the holidays: they've got it down to an art.

Parse out your penmanship
"I start with my cards the weekend before Thanksgiving. I start hand addressing the envelopes. Then, those that just get my signature are completed first. I put aside those I want to include a note. Around December 1, I put all the cards in the mail that are completed and then make a goal to work on a few each night. All cards in the mail by December 10 so you avoid the mail rush. Plus early Christmas cards get noticed more than later ones." Holly W.

"We send out about 50 cards and it's a hand cramp waiting to happen. We put a short personalized message in each card and try to have fun with them. Last year's card celebrated Fondu Season! I also like to post a photo out on Facebook that gives a little tease of what the card will be but also shows a comfortable setting when doing them. I try to get them in the mail by the first week of December. By the way. Glitter pens are always a plus! You can't have too much glitter during the holidays." Julie W.

"We keep a list from the previous year as we're always adding and/or updating it. We use metallic Sharpies for writing personal notes and signing. We use previous years' cards to fashion envelope stickers. We also, insert holiday-themed glitter shapes from a party store into the cards. It's an event, never a chore." Rebecca S.

Curate your contact list

"I keep my 'Christmas Card List' on my computer. I revise it, making corrections and deleting those I am no longer involved with. Then I save the updated copy with the current year and then print it out. Then I mark up the printout with what card to send. (Oh, my list is done in label format, so I can print them on labels.) I send out about 40, so not everyone gets a Lovepop!" Mary L.

"I go through my phone's contact list to decide who to send to each year. I figure if I call or text you, then I also want to send you a card. I try to do one with my daughter's photo in it so it's a 'gift' as well. And for those not on Facebook, they can see how big she has gotten." Theresa S.

"I'd use a Lovepop for people who are far away and could use a little extra 'love.' I have a friend who moved across the country this last year, and my grandma lives in another state. People like this who I wouldn't see over the holidays would be on my 'Lovepop list.'" Peter H.

Lovepop pop up Christmas cards

When it comes to timing: do you

"I confess to being a card mailing addict. First, I send out a card each week of Advent, which I call 'Advent Cards' — really just Christmas cards, which become more meaningful the closer it gets to Christmas — to a list of friends, maybe about 15 - 20. I also send out other fun cards here and there, too. The large list of family Christmas cards usually hits the mail around the 15th or so of December and goes out as groups are completed." Mary F.

"I am famous for mailing out my Christmas cards the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That way friends and relatives receive them right after Thanksgiving. Many of them say they look forward to them knowing it is the first one they normally receive." Kathleen G.

"We typically send out 10-15 cards or so for family and my boys' teachers. For the family cards, I usually send them out the first week of December, so they can enjoy them longer!" Heather C.

"Start early! There's always a bit of downtime around Thanksgiving OR you can wait and send it after New Year's Eve when things are a little less nuts. Address labels at least for your address help, and knowing how much you can handle." Heather N.

Embrace your upgrades

"We keep a Google Excel of all of our friends and family addresses that we use every Christmas. My biggest tip, though, is address labels. I love, love, love personalized return address labels, and started printing the 'to' address also. So, so, so much easier." Jenny R.

"I use a Caligraphy pen. I just use cursive but the pen makes them look really nice. Both for the card and envelope." Kathleen G.

"Wow! I have always been a fan of sending cards and Lovepop cards send the perfect message. I guess I will be sending out a bunch 20+ for the Christmas season and I am slowly buying all the cards I need, keeping in mind who I'm getting them for.

I love the Black Hawk card! Since me and several of my friends flew them, they are perfect, I will be buying some more. I always send photos or photo disks with my cards!! And that is what's great about Lovepop! The note sleeve is the perfect protection to put a few photos or a disk and pulling out the photos with the note is a nice surprise.

I'm a Sharpie kinda guy. I write my notes & sign them with a Sharpie. Sharpies make poor penmanship look good. I also keep my addresses on my computer. When I send out a bunch of cards, I simply print out the labels." Phil M.

How will you tackle your holiday card list this year? Share your tips, and if you're still on the hunt for the perfect cards, check out Lovepop's limited edition holiday card packs. They're packed with value and magical moments.

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It is wonderful to see the postings that show many folks still send out Christmas cards! A tradition that lets people you care about, know you are thinking of them! As life becomes quite busy in the fall, this year I addressed all of my Christmas cards on Labor Day. I use a calligraphy pen to give an extra special touch. The weekend after Thanksgiving, I’ll personalize the cards with specific notes to the recipient. And my closest family members will be receiving LovePop cards – nothing else will do when I am unable to be with them in person! My address list? Though I am computer savvy, I retain a printed list of family addresses that my aunt created 15 years ago, and I make updates by hand. It’s a bit of a mess, but it reflects the changes in my family’s lives and is a nod to my aunt! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Suzanne SBT

This isn’t about Christmas Cards, but I just wanted to tell you that I saw a recent “update” about your first appearance on Shark Tank and I’m thrilled with your success! I’ve purchase quite a few of your cards over the past couple of years and always receive compliments! Your cards are so unique and so beautiful!

Dottie Delaney

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