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Sugar Plum Peacock Pop-Up Card

Sugar Plum Peacock Pop-Up Card

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A dreamy peacock with elegant plumage and patterns is laser-cut onto the front of this white card. Inside, our peacock struts in brilliant 3D, with intricately sliced feathers and features, a watercolor-wash of violet, turquoise, and magenta. He stands against a whimsical background of the same colors, delicately fading into pastel pinks and lavender amongst the stray foliage and blooms.

Inspiration for the Sugar Plum Peacock:

Dalex was inspired by Sugar Plum Land, a colorful, beautiful dreamland Lovepop imagined to celebrate the holiday season. "The vibrant color palette was inspired by the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy," he explained. "The Peacock is so elegant already so it was an easy fit to our new watercolor designs and world."

Occasions for the Sugar Plum Peacock:

Send the Sugar Plum Peacock to any lover of dance or the holiday season, the sweetest gift giver you know, or anyone could use a simply lovely pick-me-up any time of the year.


The Sugar Plum Peacock pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.


One beautiful Lovepop with one blank envelope and the Lovepop Note, a little note card that slides out for your own personal touch.


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