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Squirrel Birthday: Lovepop Press™


This greeting card uses an adorable design and humorous message to evoke some birthday joy and laughter. The front cover is a light tan color and features a message that says 'It's your birthday' in a mixture of delicate blue script and bold red block letters. Above the messages, a blue squirrel wearing a red and yellow birthday hat perches on top of a pile of nuts, scrambling through the acorns and peanuts and tossing them around. The inside of the card reads, 'Go nuts!' in a nod to the squirrel and its frenzy.

Help your friends go nuts on their special day with the Squirrel Birthday: Lovepop Press™️ Card! The adorable squirrel and silly message are sure to delight honored birthday guests of all ages. Gift this funny greeting card to a friend, a co-worker, or another loved one who'd enjoy a laugh on their birthday this year.


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Front Message: it's your BIRTHDAY

Inside Message: go nuts!

Each Lovepop Press™ is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.


One Lovepop Press™ with one blank envelope.