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Merry Christmas Village Loooooong Card™

Merry Christmas Village Loooooong Card™

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This extra-long card shows a deep blue house with an orange roof as the front cover, wreaths in the windows, and a sign that says 'Merry Christmas.' Upon opening the card (in an accordion fashion), a brilliant Christmas village appears, with 10 different buildings creating a tranquil scene. People flock through the streets enjoying the season, including a boy with a sled, children making a snowman, and a group of carolers. The buildings are a variety of holiday colors, with red, green, blue, and white exteriors covered in Christmas decorations.

The Merry Christmas Village Loooooong Card™ is the perfect gift for the holiday lover who's always wanted their own tiny Christmas village in their home. With its compact design and beautiful scenery, this long pop-out card can be a lovely addition to someone's holiday decor. Gift this unique greeting card to someone who can't wait for the holidays this year.


40 inches wide by 7 inches tall when fully stretched out. 28 inches wide by 3.5 inches long by 7 inches tall is the typical display. Folds into a 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall envelope.

One Merry Christmas Village Loooooong Card™.

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