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Happy Birthday Better with Age Nesting Card

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These pop-up cards fit together like nesting dolls, creating a ripple effect with their messages and birthday theme. This group of nested 3D cards each features a unique design, the first reading "Things that get better with age" and displaying a pop-up wine bottle inside. The second card reads "whiskey" on the cover and opens to reveal a pop-up rocks glass with an old-fashioned inside. On the third card, the front cover says "cheese" and opens to a massive wedge of delicious cheese. Finally, the fourth card says "You!" and showcases a beautiful 3D message inside that says "Happy Birthday" inside, surrounded by gifts and bright colors.


The Happy Birthday Better with Age Nesting Card is the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys luxurious drinks and snacks. Celebrate their opulence with cards featuring fine wine, whiskey, cheese, and birthday cake. Send this card to a friend, a co-worker, or a relative you love to celebrate with to make their birthday lavish and fun.


Size + Quantity:
One 5in. x 7in. pop-up card, with three smaller nesting pop-up cards included inside. One blank envelope and a miniature Lovepop Note that slides away with your own personal touch.