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Happy Birthday Bear: Paperpop® Card

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This Paperpop® Card has a light orange front cover with a smooth satin finish, showcasing a message that reads 'Happy Birthday to you!' and colorful birthday balloons. Inside the card, a fluffy teddy bear sits up in 3D, holding a blue heart that says 'Best Wishes' on it in white script. The brown bear wears a red party hat, poised to join in the birthday celebrations. The inside cover is white, decorated with wrapped presents and shiny blue and yellow balloons.

Use the Happy Birthday Bear: Paperpop® Card to send some sweet birthday wishes to someone you love! The sweet bear and sleek design make it a lovely card for birthday guests of all ages. Gift this special greeting card to a child you know who loves their teddy bear or a friend who you want to share some extra love with on their birthday.


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Each Paperpop Card® is 4.5 inches wide by 5.9 inches tall.


One Paperpop Card® with one blank envelope.