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Greenhouse Card & Notecard 4-Pack Bundle

Greenhouse Card & Notecard 4-Pack Bundle

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On the cover of this calming lavender purple greeting card, a snake plant, fern, and cactus grow upward from cute, patterned pots. Inside this pop-up card, an intricate paper sculpture of a greenhouse pops out, filled with a variety of lush green potted plants. A delicate white greenhouse stands on a background patterned with earth-toned, organic mineral shapes. Inside the four additional notecards, you'll see gorgeous, laser-cut succulents in bright shades of green and teal.


Within the shining glass walls of a greenhouse, sunlight, warmth, and humidity enable plants to grow and thrive. That's why the Greenhouse Card & Notecard 4-Pack Bundle is the perfect way to grow your relationships with others. Gift this unique greeting card to someone in your life for a birthday, anniversary, special occasion, or simply just because. As succulents symbolize strength and enduring love, the extra notecards could be wonderful get-well-soon messages.


Included in the Greenhouse Card & Notecard 4-Pack Bundle:



Each Lovepop card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall and each notecard is 3.75 inches wide by 5.125 inches tall.

Quantity: One pop-up card and 4 assorted notecards. The card includes a Lovepop Note, a blank note card that slides away with your own personal message, and one white envelope.

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