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Dragonfly: Paperpop® Card

Dragonfly: Paperpop® Card

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Marvel at the green wings extending from the body of a majestic dragonfly. The insect exudes calmness, resting atop a white background. A group of stars twinkles in hues of dark yellow on the flat surface of the greeting card. You don't have to worry about this dragonfly flying away from you. The pop-up allows you to get close to the insect and study its form for as long as you want.

Our Dragonfly: Paperpop® Card is ideal for a nature lover you know and love. Send the pop-up card to a plant parent who makes time to smell the roses and embraces all the creatures that fly around their garden. This paper card can be a nice gesture when you want to express your appreciation to a friend, celebrate their accomplishment, or honor a special occasion, such as a birthday.


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Each Paperpop Card® is 4.5 inches wide by 5.9 inches tall.

One Paperpop Card® with one blank envelope.

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