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Confetti Flower Bouquet

Confetti Flower Bouquet

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This paper flower bouquet uses intricately detailed illustrations and laser-cut designs to highlight the delicate charm of spring. A vivid array of wildflowers jumps to life, shooting out blossoms in bright blue, purple, orange, yellow, and pink. Each petal is decorated and detailed with thin lines and cutouts to showcase its unique grace, making every bloom pop among the colorful scene. Tiny green leaves pop out below the flowers, filling out the bouquet. A cream paper flower pot supports the display, decorated with sprays of confetti that mimic the same colors as the flowers' petals.


This Confetti Flower Bouquet can add a touch of whimsy and spring beauty to any room. Add it to your living room, your kitchen, or your office to brighten the space. You can also gift it to your mother, a friend, or a colleague to show you're thinking about them during this bright and cheery season.


The Confetti Flower Bouquet is 10.25 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide when fully unfolded.

One pop-up Confetti Flower Bouquet with a Lovepop Note, packaged in a love-filled sleeve.


Lovepop Flowers come beautifully packaged in a protective paper envelope. For shipping, we recommend placing the envelope inside of a 12x15 inch mailer to ensure it arrives safely to your recipient. This bouquet weighs 6 ounces—please visit your local post office or shipping store for varied shipping and pricing options.

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