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Boppy and the Great Easter Egg Hunt Story Adventure Box

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Boppy and the Great Easter Egg Hunt Story Adventure Box is the perfect Easter basket surprise!


This is the Easter story of Boppy the Bunny and his best friend, Flutter the Hummingbird! As the Great Easter Festival and Egg Hunt approaches, Boppy and Flutter visit with friends to make sure preparations are running smoothly. Each friend has their very own specialty and are essential to the festival’s success! But wait! What is that dark cloud trying to tell us? Is the Easter Festival in danger?


Inside the individual pouches, you’ll find pop-up pals and props that come together to create the most magical easter scene. Follow along, pouch by pouch to see how Boppy’s adventure unfolds!



This Easter adventure box contains 15 individual pouches that reveal the story of Boppy and the Great Easter Egg Hunt!

Open each pouch in order, starting with pouch 1, to discover new characters, destinations, and plot twists. Or, open them all at once! Will the Easter Festival go off without a hitch? Follow along to find out!



15 individual pouches containing 29 miniature paper pop-up sculptures and accessories packaged inside of a 6.45" x 4.84" x 2.2" box for easy storage.