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Assorted Flower Bouquet

Assorted Flower Bouquet

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The Assorted Flower Bouquet doesn't require constant watering or sunshine. The petals bloom nicely all on their own, their green stems reaching toward the sky from the comfort of a blue vase. Admire the blend of colors on the collection of flowers, including bright red roses and pale purple tulips. The sole yellow flower captures your attention, and the orange selections sport five petals each. The white flowers also match the shade of the bow plastered on the front of the vase.

Gift this pop-up flower bouquet to someone you're thinking about, such as a family member celebrating an accomplishment or a significant other cherishing memories on your anniversary. Thanks to the creativity of our paper products, this 3D card is the perfect present for any special occasion.


The Assorted Flower Bouquet is 10.25 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide when fully unfolded.

One pop-up Assorted Flower Bouquet with a Lovepop Note, packaged in a love-filled sleeve.


Lovepop Flowers come beautifully packaged in a protective paper envelope. For shipping, we recommend placing the envelope inside of a 12x15 inch mailer to ensure it arrives safely to your recipient. This bouquet weighs 6 ounces—please visit your local post office or shipping store for varied shipping and pricing options.

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