We LOVE Trees: A recap of Lovepop’s 2018 Tree Planting

We LOVE Trees: A recap of Lovepop’s 2018 Tree Planting

Last week, Lovepop joined the Trustees of the Reservation at their Magazine Street Community Garden in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood. It was a beautiful day and those of us who had the opportunity to participate felt closer to Mother Nature and all she has given us.

We planted 13 trees to offer shade and beauty to the neighborhood and prepared the garden for local residents to enjoy by weeding and removing invasive species. For the fourth year, Lovepop also partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to donate $1 from each Willow Tree card sold in April to help make our world cleaner and greener.

Why does Lovepop care about trees?

It's because paper is at the center of our company, passion, and creativity. We acknowledge our environmental footprint and view this as an important part of staying connected to our raw materials. There's so much cool stuff one can create with paper but in order to keep creating we've got to keep planting trees.

Since paper is so central to keeping Lovepop awesome, we've committed to planting more trees than we use. Through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, we help replant forests across the country, and with local volunteer opportunities like the Trustees, we take the time to appreciate all that trees have offered us and our company.

Learn more about our commitment to the planting of trees.

Lovepop is continuously evolving and exploring how we can improve our sustainability, paper harvesting methods, and the recyclability of our products.

We'll be talking more about our sustainability initiatives this fall, so stay tuned! 

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