Lovepop + Arbor Day Foundation

Lovepop + Arbor Day Foundation

Willow Tree Pop up Card

For the fourth year, Lovepop partners with the Arbor Day Foundation to help make our world cleaner and greener.

Through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, these forests can be replanted at the cost of $1 per tree. In the midst of wildfires, storms, disease, and drought millions of acres of trees in forests have been devastated around the country -- we want to help.

Let’s build a forest together! For every Willow Tree design sold during the month of April, we will plant one tree in a national forest.

Willow Tree Pop up Card

Why does Lovepop care about Arbor Day?

Paper is vital to our company and is at the center of our creativity and passion. There are endless possibilities of things we can create with paper -- but in order to do this, we need to continue to plant more trees than we use.

Join our celebration of trees and give back by organizing a tree planting in your community, becoming involved with the Arbor Day Foundation, raising awareness of the positive environmental impact of tree replenishment, or by purchasing a Willow Tree card for us to plant a tree for you.

Happy (early) Arbor Day!

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This is SO CREATIVE! We love it! We’d like to collaborate if you are interested. Recently we posted on the history of arbor day and why it is a holiday

Grace Nakimura

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