Hey, have you met… Sharlet of Terra Firma?

Hey, have you met… Sharlet of Terra Firma?

Terra Firma

Last month, we introduced you to Antonio of To the Moon Marketplace in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You can always shop Lovepop 24/7 at lovepop.com, but hundreds of awesome shops and businesses — like, To the Moon Marketplace and Mangel Florist and Gifts — carry our cards around the world.

This month, we spoke with Sharlet T. of Terra Firma, a 21-year-old specialty boutique in Belmont, Massachusetts. This awesome store stocks thoughtful and unique gifts and jewelry that are the perfect creative, artistic companions to the many Lovepop cards they carry.

Tell us about your store. What's your FAVORITE thing about it?

Terra Firma is a boutique that mostly carries handcrafted jewelry, select gift items and greeting cards. We are all about specialness, color, and creativity, while maintaining a strong variety of designs and price ranges for our customers. We have earned the reputation: "There's no place like Terra Firma."

Why did you decide to sell Lovepop in your store?

The energy felt from the cards. Their specialness and the versatility, availability, and variety of designs. Lovepop and Terra Firma are a great match. Aside from both of our specialness and appeal, we have this same connection for our customers; the tried and true designs (cards and jewelry) that our customers get to know and love remain available and we continue to also move forward with new.

Terra Firma in Belmont

What's your favorite Lovepop design and why?

That's a hard one to answer. It definitely is a mood thing and sometimes season driven. I cannot identify just one.

Anything else you want us to know?

Our signature windows reflect the heart and soul of the store. The window is personally decorated several times a year to showcase new inventory for a particular season. Lovepop cards have become apart of this viewing experience for our customers. We see many children as well as adults seeing some of the cards in our front window and coming in to look specifically for the card collection.

Check back soon for another Retail Partner Spotlight and visit Sharlet at Terra Firma 49 Leonard Street in Belmont, Massachusetts, and at terrafirmabelmont.com.

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