Hey, have you met… Will and Colin of Mangel Florist & Gifts?

Hey, have you met… Will and Colin of Mangel Florist & Gifts?

You can shop Lovepop 24/7 at lovepop.com, but did you know we work with awesome specialty shops and businesses to carry our cards around the world?

Meet Colin Collette & Will Nifong of Mangel Florist & Gifts, a 98-year-old, beloved florist and gift shop inside Chicago’s The Drake Hotel.

They tell us: “Lovepop remains one of our happiest discoveries, and we simply love our partnership with the company.”

Let's learn more how they share Lovepop:

Tell us about your store! What's your FAVORITE thing about it?
Our customers! Mangel Florist & Gifts celebrates our Gold Coast neighbors and loyal hotel guests. We know many of them by name and we deliver flowers and gifts to their home or ship them around the world.

Why did you decide to carry Lovepop in your store?
We are always looking to find the perfect whimsy, the ideal gift that you didn't know you were looking for. That's Lovepop, and our guests adore it!

What's your favorite Lovepop design?
We cannot say enough about the Japanese Maple. What intricacy, elegance, beauty. It's extraordinary, and its profundity somehow seems appropriate to any situation.

Do you have a favorite Lovepop story?
There are so many stories about grandchildren who love otters or cardinals reminding people of lost loved ones. However, the best Lovepop celebration recently involved a lady who bought a handful of Cherry Blossom cards to send as Thank You's to all of the folks who had supported her through cancer treatment. The blooming tree captured perfectly her renewed hope and the joy of survival.

*Sniff* That’s beautiful, Colin and Will. We are thrilled you’re able to bring magical moments to your customers with Lovepop.

Check back soon for another Retail Partner Spotlight and visit Colin and Will (and us!) at Mangel Florist & Gifts, 140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL.

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