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Police Car 3D card


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The Police Car pop up features a royal blue cover with an instantly identifiable gold police shield glued on the center of the card.

Inside the Police Car card, a black and white police vehicle is cruising down the road. On the side of the car’s doors, “Police” and “Protect and Serve” is written alongside right side of the shield.

Inspiration for the Police Car card:
Lovepop designer Oanh was inspired to make the Police Car pop up after learning about how police vehicles vary in design and size all over the globe.

During the design process, there were a few questions regarding what kind of police vehicle we wanted to create. Ranging from the Bugattis that Dubai police drive to the classic Crown Victorias of the 70s, we went through many heated debates before selecting this modern cruiser.

Occasions for the Police Car card:
The Police Car pop up is the perfect way to say thank you to an officer in your life or to a little kid on their birthday who aspires to wear the blue one day.

Also, the Police Car card is great to give to a man or woman who is going through or recently graduated the police academy.

The Police Car pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One Lovepop with one blank envelope.