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Playpop Explorers™: Assorted Valentine's for Kids 8-Pack

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Share the cutest pop-up characters in your kids' classroom this Valentine’s day! This pack includes 8 envelopes that come with cute pop-up characters. Simply press down on the base of each character to watch them magically pop up! Each classmate will have a unique party favor to take home with them. 


  • Pack of 8 envelopes with a unique pop-up character inside
  • Characters & message: 
    • Disco the Unicorn: You’re i-corn-ic!
    • Frankie the Frog: You make me so hoppy!
    • Sparky the Volcano: You make me erupt with joy!
    • Freg the Egg: You’re an egg-cellent friend!
    • Misiu the Bear: You’re Bear-y cool!
    • YEET the Berry: You’re the berry best!
    • Sunshine the Raccoon: You make my days less gray!
    • Archie the Axolotl: I like you alotl!
  • Size: Pop-up characters measure 2" x 3"