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Panda Bear Pop-Up Card


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The front of this black pop-up card features a loveable Panda Bear hanging onto the end of a bamboo shoot. Laser-cut details on the bamboo reeds and leaves add a realistic finish to the whimsical illustration. Once opened, a cheerful Panda Bear pops up, holding onto its well-deserved bamboo treat. Bamboo leaf embellishments and a stream of blue water make up the Panda's habitat.

Inspiration for the Panda Bear Card:
Have you ever tuned in to a zoo Panda cam? A Panda Bear pop-up card for us was a must. Since our team has designed several bears, we had a great foundation to start with. Using the original Lovepop bear as our model, we added specific Panda Bear details (we can't have a panda bear without bamboo), and another delightful Lovepop creation was born.

Occasions for the Panda Bear Card:
Give the Panda Bear Card to your sweetheart who's crazy about Pandas. This design is also an excellent gift for any conservationist friends or any zoo enthusiasts in your life.

The Panda Bear Card is 5 inches x 7 inches.

One bear-y cute Lovepop pop-up card with one blank envelope.