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Mini Wildflower Basket Classic

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Lovepop Drops:  Small-batch releases of cutting-edge art & engineering delivered straight from our workshop.


This standalone paper flower arrangement features a white paper basket that uses precise laser cutouts to create a wicker-like effect. The handle appears braided together, meeting at the top of the decoration in a fluffy white bow. Inside the basket, a bouquet of dazzling 3D wildflowers springs to life, with blossoms that have red, white, orange, purple, and pink petals. The flowers have a bright yellow center, showing that they're in full bloom! Leaves and stems support the flowers, adding pops of green to the display and making it even more colorful. A blue morpho butterfly rests in the middle of the blooms. 


The Mini Wildflower Basket can make a brilliant addition to any living room, office, or kitchen. Gift this unique 3D art to your friends, your family members, or anyone you know who loves flower arrangements to celebrate a special day or just show them you're thinking of them this spring.

Size: 7.25in x 5.4in x 5.4in