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Flourish Thank You: Paperpop® Card

Flourish Thank You: Paperpop® Card

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An expression of gratitude is the burst of color inside this pop-up card. The letters exhibit bright hues of green, blue, and light orange, contrasting with the white floral arrangement surrounding them. Some leaves extend outward, while others fade into the white background in the pop-up. The paper display leaves plenty of space for you to describe the occasion when you realized you were thankful to have the recipient in your life.

This Flourish Thank You: Paperpop® Card is ideal for showing how grateful you are. Place this greeting card in the mailbox of a neighbor who watered your plants or checked on your pets while you were on vacation. Position the paper card on the desk of a co-worker who helped you conduct an important presentation. You can also illustrate your everyday appreciation to someone you love who's always there for you.


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Each Paperpop Card® is 4.5 inches wide by 5.9 inches tall.

One Paperpop Card® with one blank envelope.

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