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Ambulance Pop-Up Card

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The Ambulance pop-up card features a white cover with an easily recognized blue laser-cut “Rescue Squad” emblem.

Inside the Ambulance card, a white ambulance with red and yellow lights is speeding down the road to help someone in need. The right-hand side is left clear with a light gray color so that you can write a heartfelt note.

Inspiration for the Ambulance card:
Lovepop designer Cuong was inspired by the heroes that rush to a scene when you need help the most.

The design was based on the Fire Truck card in our collection. According to Cuong, it took 4 prototypes to get just right. He paid particular attention to the lights, doors, and logos despite the fact they are tough to execute in the production process.

Cuong wanted this design to be perfect so that people could show their appreciation for the rescue workers, paramedics, and other health workers.

Occasions for the Ambulance card:
Give the Ambulance card to a rescue worker in your life on their birthday or to a health professional who went above and beyond in your time of need.

Our Ambulance card is also a great gift as a thank you to the volunteer workers in your town for donating their time to help those in the community.

The Ambulance pop-up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One selfless Lovepop with one blank envelope.