Lovepop On Shark Tank

Lovepop co-founders Wombi Rose and John Wise first met in naval engineering school at Webb Institute and reconnected in business school at Harvard.

The two started Lovepop after discovering the incredible paper art form of kirigami in Vietnam, and they wanted to combine it with the slice form structure used in shipbuilding. Lovepop was born as they began to make their dream a reality. 

In 2015, Lovepop appeared on Shark Tank and secured an investment from “Mr. Wonderful,” Kevin O’Leary.

Lovepop After Shark Tank: An Update

Since earning an investment from Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary in 2015, Lovepop has found more investors, sold millions of dollars worth of cards, and—perhaps most importantly—created thousands of unique designs to help you share magical moments with the ones you love most. 

In fact, one of Lovepop’s dreams is to create one billion magical moments shared between people. As of early 2024, Lovepop created 55 million magical moments on their mission to one billion magical moments. 

The same innovation that led the company to find its way to Shark Tank has helped the Lovepop brand grow, bringing love & joy to many others in the years since.

FAQs About Lovepop On Shark Tank

What episode of Shark Tank is Lovepop cards on?

Lovepop Cards are on Season 7, Episode 11 of Shark Tank. This episode first aired on December 11th, 2015.

How successful is Lovepop?

Lovepop is on a mission to create a billion magical moments. Each card given & then opened equals one magical moment in Lovepop land, and they are well on their way. 

Lovepop has continued growing, creating over 55 million magical moments already!

Who owns Lovepop cards?

Wombi Rose and John Wise founded Lovepop and today hold the titles of CEO and COO, respectively. 

Rose & Wise became best friends at Webb Institute, training to become naval architects. Years later, while on a Harvard Business School trip to Vietnam, Wombi and John discovered and were inspired by the incredible paper art form of kirigami. The rest is Lovepop history, and they are still the owners of Lovepop today.