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Thank You Greeting Cards & Gifts


Our beautiful, pop-up thank you cards are a super special way to share love! Pick one, pick ten, or pick a pack and add a sweet, thankful message inside to bring extra smiles to your loved ones! With the rush of our everyday lives, it's easy to take someone else's support, love, or presence for granted — or simply forget to thank them. With Lovepop, you can send thank you cards directly to anyone. Whether you want a celebratory thank you card or a set of blank thank you notes, Lovepop has the right gift for you.


From weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and graduations—there is always an occasion to be celebrated. With celebrations, come thank you greeting cards! Write a quick note expressing your gratitude to those loved ones who came to celebrate with you. A handwritten thank you note inside one of our special pop-ip cards will always put a big smile on their face! 


What do you write in a thank you card?


Check out thank you message ideas and tips, as well as thank you quotes to include in your cards.

    Where can I buy thank you greeting cards online?


    You can purchase our thank you cards online at Looking for personalized thank you cards? We’ve got you covered. You can personalize any gratitude card with a photo and/or custom message, and we’ll send your custom thank you card to your recipient for you for just $5 more. 


    Need a thank you card right away? In addition to our own brand brick and mortar stores and kiosks, we also work with hundreds of retailers across the country to bring the magic a little closer to you. Use our store locator to find a Lovepop retailer near you!

    Thank You Card Delivery Made Easy


    How many stamps do I need to send thank you cards?


    For Lovepop products, we recommend one 70 cent stamp or two forever stamps to ensure your amazing gratitude card gets delivered safely. For pop-up flower bouquets and other giant cards and gifts, please visit your local post office or shipping store for exact shipping and pricing options.


    Can I send my thank you card or gift directly to my recipient from your website? 


    Yes! You can personalize any gratitude card, flower bouquet, or giant pop-up gift with a photo and/or custom message, and we’ll send it directly to your recipient for you for just $5 more. Send your personalized thank you card with a photo reminder of a special memory the two of you share. Any recipient will appreciate the personal touch of a custom thank you note card from someone they love.