Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas for the Horoscope Lover in Your Life

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Astrology has grown increasingly popular, and many people identify strongly with their zodiac signs. You want to express how much you love exactly who your friend was born to be, which is why it can be so thoughtful to acknowledge their sign & its meaning. If you have a friend who is always checking their horoscope (but you aren't quite sure what it all means), this gift guide is just for you!

So, what's your sign? Or your loved one's sign? This article lists the dates, meanings, and gifts perfect for each one! 

Aries Gifts (March 21-April 19)

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, known for being bold, direct, and determined. They're sensitive and appreciate meaningful gifts & compliments, so something sentimental will impress an Aries. 

  1. Self-care items. Show them that you care about caring for them with specialty bath scrubs, fluffy blankets, a spa gift card, an essential oil diffuser, or even a self-care habits journal. 

  2. A nod to fire. Aries are often considered to be a bit fiery, so give them a gift to honor their dynamic personality. Hot sauce & spicy foods, a unique candle, or even a fire pit are all perfect nods to the fiery natures of the Aries we know & love. 

  3. A heartfelt note. Aries people cherish kind words, so find a beautiful card (we recommend pop-up ones, but we might be a little biased) and write a complimentary note to tell them how much they mean to you.

Taurus Gifts (April 20-May 20) 

Taureans enjoy life's finer things & think deeply about what matters to them. They love infusing their daily lives with luxury, so look for ways to do that; if they love great food (which we can almost guarantee they do), incorporate that into a great gift. Pro tip: they also love beautiful things! 

  1. A cozy blanket. Go ahead! And splurge on a luxurious throw blanket for your beloved Taurean to cuddle up under. (Make it even better by joining them!) There are endless super-soft blankets for snuggling, from cotton to baby alpaca wool to cashmere.

  2. Something indulgent but simple. Taureans are notorious for enjoying a bit of luxury but prefer to keep it a bit low-maintenance. A luxurious candle is easy to light but feels fancy, like a Maison Francis Kurkdijian or a Bastide glass candle. Other ideas include a luxurious blanket, slippers, or even simple dishes to make every day feel like a special occasion. 

  3. At-home spa set. Put together a gift basket with all or any of these treats: indulgent rosewater, a self-massager, a silk pillowcase, a gel manicure set, a blanket robe, or an essential oil diffuser (bonus points for rose oil!) Oh! And remember to add a decadent box of chocolate! 

Gemini Gifts (May 21-June 20) 

Your Gemini loved ones love to have fun! They are fun-loving, extroverted, flexible, and perpetually ready for adventure. So what can you give a Gemini? You can't go wrong with an inventive, thoughtful gift that appeals to their colorful creativity & spontaneous side. 

  1. Gemini-inspired wine glasses. Get your fun-loving party person a wine glass they can carry while flitting around like the social butterfly they are. Of course, many personalized Gemini gifts are available on Etsy if wine isn't their cuppa.

  2. A beauty gift set. Pamper them with a luxurious makeup set they've been eyeing for upcoming events. New brushes! A vivid color palette! A fun shade of nail polish or lipstick! Present the new goodies in a brightly colored makeup bag. 

  3. Plan a spontaneous adventure. A Gemini is always up for it, and your favorite Gemini will feel loved and celebrated with an exciting experience. It doesn't have to be extravagant, just tons of fun! 

Cancer Gifts (June 21-July 22) 

You want to show your compassionate, sensitive Cancer friends how much they mean to you. They're some of the most caring people you'll ever meet, and they love knowing how much you care.

  1. Gifts for the home. "There's no place like home." Cancers feel that saying to the core, so gifts representing their home (like a custom watercolor painting) or making their home even cozier are perfect for them..  

  2. Self-care goodies. They spend so much energy focusing on others' needs. Self-care gifts are ideal for Cancers, so look for unique bath bombs & oils for a warm, relaxing bath. 

  3. Anything aquatic. From sealife-inspired resin artwork to seashell decor, many beautiful presents inspired by ocean life are perfect for Cancers. Also, Cancer means "crab" in Latin, so a crab dish, necklace, or t-shirt would also be cute.

Leo Gifts (July 23-August 22) 

Leos are warm, creative, and known for their huge, magnetic personalities. They like to party & enjoy luxurious gifts. Outgoing, energetic, and attractive, they relish enjoying the spotlight for their big day. 

  1. Something fiery. Leo's element is fire, so anything flaming or red-hot will do. (Literally or figuratively.) An assortment of hot sauces or spicy jerky for the Leo foodie. A concrete tabletop fire pit or outdoor fire table. Or a bouquet of beautiful red, yellow, and orange roses. (Send them to work so they get lots of attention, too!) 

  2. A night in the spotlight. Take them out for karaoke, and buy them something special to wear, including gold jewelry. Remember to write an admiring note in a stunning pop-up Leo birthday card. They'll feel adored & get to be the star of the show. Win-win! 

  3. Something sunny. Leos are born in the summer sunshine & thrive in its rays. A beach bag with sunglasses & snacks will be a welcome gift. Or give them a new reason to take a break & relax with beautiful sun-themed bedding or a throw blanket. 

Virgo Gifts (August 23-September 22) 

Virgos are sensitive and expressive, as you know well, because you love one. They tend to be neat & orderly and love having a unique and creative space where everything is in its place. Words of affirmation are their favorite & they love routine and comfort. 

  1. The gift of organization. Consider gifting them organizational items--drawer dividers, a lovely little nightstand or shelving for their bedroom, or a new day planner. 

  2. Something grounding. Virgos are an earth sign, notoriously grounded. So all-natural soaps, new journals, a yoga mat, or nail polish to paint (and re-paint) while they chill are welcome gifts for a Virgo! 

  3. Kind words. The gift of words is highly underrated. Virgos love to hear what they mean to you because they spend so much time & energy trying to show you what you mean to them. We recommend taking some time to write a heartfelt note letting them know how special they are to you--they'll love to receive your kind words in a beautiful pop-up Virgo birthday card

Libra Gifts (September 23-October 22) 

Libras are friendly, warm-hearted, and love feeling appreciated. So when it's their birthday or another special occasion, Librans love receiving heartfelt gifts. Your love & appreciation are the real gifts for your Libra friend; they value your relationship more than any gift you can give. 

  1. A sentimental photo. Frame a favorite snapshot of you both in a unique picture frame. Some shops engrave frames, or you can find one in their favorite color. 

  2. A surprise! Some people don't like surprises, but Libras aren't those people. Plan a trip, day date, or meaningful surprise; they'll appreciate the thought you put into it. Try giving them a beautiful pop-up Libra birthday card with a sweet note letting them know about the big surprise! 

  3. Something stylish. Libras enjoy receiving gifts & they're known for their sense of style. A silk pair of pajamas or tie, an opal necklace, or any other fashion-forward item they've had their eye on will all be appreciated. 

Scorpio Gifts (October 23-November 21) 

Scorpios are mysterious, bold, passionate, and creative. They can be intense, even fierce, but they crave connection. Giving them meaningful gifts (and beautiful pop-up birthday cards) can help develop your intimacy. 

  1. Something black. Scorpios will tell you their favorite color is black, and they mean it wholeheartedly. So black-colored clothing (from hoodies to lingerie), tumblers, jewelry, or high-tech gadgets for the home will be a hit with these mysterious creatures. 

  2. Me-time. Scorpios will be the first to ask for "time alone" as a gift for a special occasion. You can offer them an evening alone at home, a solo movie in the theater, or any other solitary idea their passionate heart desires.

  3. Anything musical. Water signs love music. Take them to see their favorite band or artist live, buy them fancy new headphones or a quality Bluetooth speaker, or give them a magical keepsake music box. 

  4. Something personalized. Scorpios love beautiful trinkets even more if they are personalized! Find a beautiful custom portrait, embroidered sweater, engraved cheese board, or birthstone necklace. Then, gift it with a meaningful message inside a pop-up Scorpio birthday card. They'll love it! 

Sagittarius Gifts (November 22-December 21) 

Sagittarians are optimistic, hilarious, honest, and intellectual. They are social creatures & often have many friends. Gifts that bring friends together, appeal to their sense of humor, or offer new experiences are all winners for the Saggitarius. 

  1. An adventurous experience. Sagittarians love new adventures, so give them an unforgettable dining experience, take them on an exotic vacation somewhere memorable (whether in your state or across the globe), or gift them lessons to try something new. 

  2. Something funny. From a hysterical game to play together to a humorous t-shirt or mug, humor them with this one. Get it? While you're at it, reminisce about a funny memory inside a Sagittarius birthday pop-up card

  3. The thing they're obsessed with right now. There's an excellent chance you know what they're obsessed with because they talk about it all the time, so throw some fuel on that fire (if you dare) and support their current hobby.

Capricorn Gifts (December 22-January 19) 

Capricorns are practical, ambitious, materialistic, and strong. They work hard, love structure, and are the sign most often voted Most Likely to Succeed. That’s why supporting their ambitions and giving them thoughtfully practical gifts is the way to go.

  1. Productivity boosters. Caps love to be the best of the best, and anything to help them get there is a welcome gift. Think noise-canceling headphones for focus, habit-tracking planners, or a fancy espresso machine to keep them caffeinated. 

  2. Stylish clothing/accessories. Capricorns are super cool & love to wear classic styles in neutral shades. A gift card to Banana Republic, Everlane, or J. Crew will help them stock up on stylish clothing and accessories. Tuck the gift card inside a beautiful pop-up Capricorn birthday card

  3. Something super practical. You won't hear Capricorns complaining because your gift was too practical. From vacuum cleaners & new sheets to totes & home organizers, they'll appreciate you giving them a gift they can actually use.

Aquarius Gifts (January 20-February 18) 

Aquarians are intellectual, creative, and fiercely independent. So, of course, the best gift you can give an Aquarius is keeping your unsolicited advice to yourself (just kidding, kind of). But beyond that, there are many great ideas for these generous, passionate people. 

  1. Anything that gives back. Aquarians are quintessential do-gooders, so anything that supports a local business or a good cause will bring extra joy to your Aquarius friend's heart.

  2. Something exotic. Give your favorite Aquarius something as unique & inspiring as they are. They tend to love exotic stones, visionary artwork, or eccentric accessories. If you write a note inside a unique & artsy pop-up Aquarius birthday card to let them know they make the world a better place, they'll feel loved & uplifted. 

  3. A camera. You know that your Aquarian friend sees the world through their own lens (and they really enjoy capturing it, too!) If they enjoy taking photos, they would love a fun polaroid camera or even a nice new camera to capture their favorite moments. 

  4. Surprise! Aquarians love surprises, so plan a blowout party, a memorable date, or even a hike--but make it a surprise! The shock & excitement will be the best gift for an Aquarius. 

Pisces Gifts (February 19-March 20) 

Pisces are deeply emotional, always caring for others, and creative. Try planning a romantic gift for them, and show them how valued they are. They love art, music, and writing, so if you're unsure what to give them, those are great places to begin.  

  1. Self-care gifts to help relax. Pisces are sensitive & empathetic, often caring for others around them. So think about presents that encourage self-care (like at-home massagers, a nice water bottle to help them stay hydrated, or a craft project to relax and work on at home. 

  2. Amethysts. Amethyst is the Pisces birthstone, and many believe it brings peace and calm. Thus, amethyst earrings, body scrubs, sculptures, and even amethyst-colored gifts are perfect for a Pisces. 

  3. A low-key getaway. Your Pisces friend loves to travel & feel celebrated. They will love it if you plan a special trip to an art museum in another city, a new bookstore, or to see a favorite band play.  

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