What to Write in a Hanukkah Card: Hanukkah Card Greetings, Messages, and Sayings

What to Write in a Hanukkah Card: Hanukkah Card Greetings, Messages, and Sayings


Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah) is a Jewish holiday lasting eight days and eight nights between the end of November & the last day of December. Although often perceived to be a "Jewish Christmas," the parallels aren’t too numerous beyond the giving of gifts. 

Hanukkah is a joyous celebration that allows Jewish friends and family to come together, exchange gifts, and eat traditional Jewish foods, including latkes (potato pancakes) and jelly doughnuts. Hanukkah is a great time to reach out to your friends to express that you share their joy and are thinking of them. 

If you enjoy sharing special holiday wishes, it's helpful to know what to write in a Hanukkah card. Wish your friends, family, and others a Happy Hanukkah by sharing the messages & sayings in this article.

What is Hanukkah? 

Hanukkah marks the remembrance & celebration of the rededication of the Jewish temple in the second century BCE. The festival remains one of the most widely celebrated Jewish religious observances. 

Also called the Festival of Lights, there are many Hanukkah traditions that Jewish children participate in from a young age and carry with them throughout their lives. The festivities center on the menorah. The menorah has four candles on each side of one taller candle—the shamash, AKA the “helper candle,” which is used to light the others.

Families light one candle of the menorah each night. A menorah, meaning "lamp" in Hebrew, was the traditional lamp in Israeli temples. When the Jews reclaimed their temple in 164 BCE, they relit the menorah. Hanukkah celebrates the “miracle” that the menorah’s flames burned for eight days and nights, despite only having enough oil for one.

How is Hanukkah Celebrated? 

One staple of any Hanukkah celebration is a game of dreidel. Dreidel is a tabletop game where everyone competes to win game pieces, which are commonly chocolate coins called gelt, M&Ms, or other types of candy. A dreidel is a spinning top with four sides, each of which has a Hebrew letter. Depending on which side the dreidel lands on after you spin it, you will get—or have to give—a certain amount of game pieces (or, commonly, pieces of candy) to/from the “pot.”

In addition, Jewish people also enjoy special Hanukkah treats. For example, latkes are especially common; these delicious potato pancakes represent the miracle of the oil that the Jews celebrate during Hanukkah.

Understanding the traditions & history of Hanukkah can help you feel more connected to your friends & family as they celebrate this year. Though gifts are often exchanged during Hanukkah, they are certainly not necessary, and a card on its own will undoubtedly be appreciated by the recipient—especially if you write something meaningful inside of it!

Hanukkah Card Messages and Wishes

When you celebrate Hanukkah with your friends and family, there are multiple ways to wish them a Happy Hanukkah. Even if you don't typically celebrate, your friends who do will welcome your kind thoughts during the Hanukkah celebration.

One important thing to know is that both 'Hanukkah' and 'Chanukah' are correct spellings. The latter is the more traditional, while Hanukkah is the most widely used. So, you can choose which way to say (or write) it inside the lovely cards you send to family and friends to celebrate. 

These wishes are ideal for family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. 

Hanukkah Wishes for Family 

You can wish your family a Happy Hanukkah with these thoughtful wishes. Whether near or far, your parents, siblings, and other relatives will adore a magical pop-up menorah lights card to celebrate. 

  • I'm thinking of you during this season of miracles & incredibly thankful for the blessing of our family. Happy Hanukkah, Mom! I love you so much. 
  • Dad, we send you many Hanukkah wishes for love, light, peace, and happiness.
  • May your faith be a beacon in your life during Hanukkah and always. Thank you for sharing the gift of faith with me.
  • You shine bright, sister! The light of the candles reminds me of the light you bring into my life. 
  • We will rejoice as we light each candle & reflect on our love for you, Mom & Dad. Happy Chanukah! 

Hanukkah Wishes for Friends 

Hanukkah is a wonderful time to share a little bit (or a latkes!) of love with your friends as they celebrate the Festival of Lights. Let them know how much you think of them with a note inside an adorable latkes pop-up card

  • May you & your fabulous family experience hope & blessings this Hanukkah and always! 
  • Wishing the lights of Hanukkah will guide your life's path & shed as much light as you bring to my life. 
  • May the lights shine around you the way they do from within you. You're a blessing, sweet friend. 
  • Sending lat-kes love your way this Hanukkah! 
  • May the happiness you find during Hanukkah last all year long. 

Hanukkah Wishes for Children

Perhaps you have children in your family or students in your class whom you would like to wish a Happy Hanukkah! These sweet (and silly messages) are perfect for kids. Better yet, write them inside the most adorable Playpop Hanukkah Menorah card. 

One thing to keep in mind is that, unlike with Christmas, Jewish kids know they’re receiving gifts from the people in their life, rather than from Santa Claus. That means you should feel free to mention or allude to your gift in your message!

  • Happy Hanukkah! Grandma & Grandpa can't wait to see you soon! 
  • What's a dreidel's favorite song? "You spin me right round." 
  • I hope your Hanukkah is magical & you feel the light in your life. 
  • Hanukkah is about light, love, and joy! Thank you for bringing all of those to our classroom. Happy Hanukkah! 
  • Happy Festival of Lights, little one! Enjoy your special celebration. 

Hanukkah Wishes for Neighbors 

Share a Chanukah message with your neighbors if you want to wish them the best during the Festival of Lights. They’ll love a gold olive tree pop-up card.

  • May the candles light up your life & path. You bring so much light into our lives as our neighbors. Blessings! 
  • We know that you will spread joy & light this Hanukkah. You always do! We are so thankful to have neighbors like you. 
  • Blessings to you for the festival of light! I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. 
  • Wishing you tons of love, light, and gelt!  

Hanukkah Wishes for Coworkers

Some coworkers are friends & others are like family. Share your celebration and acknowledgment of Hanukkah with your coworkers by writing one of these messages inside a beautiful Hanukkah pop-up card

  • I am thinking of you & celebrating with you during the Festival of Lights! Happy Hannukah & blessings for the new year. 
  • Happy Chanukah! Remember the Menorah's miracle of light this holiday. 
  • May the darkness in your life fade away as you light the candles of the hanukkiah! 
  • Wishing you lots of love, light, and latkes this Hanukkah! 

Hanukkah Sayings & Greetings 

Some messages are perfect for family & friends. Other themed greetings are also fun to share during the celebration. Below you will find traditional greetings, sayings to wish people love & light, new year wishes, and even jokes for Hanukkah. 

When you need a unique message for someone special, these messages can help! 

What Are Traditional Hanukkah Greetings?

Share a traditional Hebrew Hanukkah greeting if you want to keep it simple & meaningful. Send inside a lovely pop-up Star of David card.  

  • Chag Urim Sameach! (Happy Festival of Lights!)
  • Chag Sameach! (Happy holiday!)
  • Chag Hanukkah Sameach! (Happy Hanukkah!) 

What Are Some Creative Hanukkah Messages?

Since Chanukah is also known as the Festival of Lights, it's meaningful to wish your loved ones 'love and light.' Sparkling messages inside a Love and Light Menorah card will let them know you wish them the best. 

  • We wish you a joyous festival & a life full of light! 
  • Rejoice in Hanukkah's light and love! 
  • Happy Chanukah! May the light from the candles light the way as you navigate life. For the eight days of the festival and beyond! 
  • May your candles burn long & may your celebration be filled with love and joy. 
  • Your kindness shines brightly like the menorah! 

Can I Wish Someone a Happy Hanukkah And a Happy New Year At The Same Time?

Although the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is in September, the Festival of Lights falls near the end of the calendar year. So, wish someone special a Happy Hanukkah & New Year with these thoughtful wishes. 
  • I am wishing you a warm & happy Hanukkah and a beautiful new year! 
  • Hannukah sameach! May you experience peace, love, and light through the holiday and the new year. 
  • Wishing our friends eight beautiful nights of light & a new year filled with love and joy. Blessings! 
  • Chanukah reminds us we are loved. I hope you feel loved today & every day of the new year. 
  • May your home experience the gifts of God this Hanukkah and throughout the new year. 

Joking Hanukkah Messages

Want to send a silly Chanukah wish to a friend? These funny (and punny) jokes are perfect for sharing, whether in real life, via text message, or in a lovely Hanukkah card. 
  • Happy Chanukah from your faraway family! We hope your holiday is 'lit,' as all the kids say. See you soon! 
  • How does a Hanukkah hippie style his hair? Dreidel-locks
  • How many potatoes did you use for your potato pancakes? A latke!
  • What did one loaf of bread say to the other during Hanukkah? Happy challah-days! 
  • Happy llama-kah to you & yours! 

Celebrating Hanukkah with friends and family brings opportunities for sharing lighthearted, encouraging, and friendly messages. Wishing people a Happy Hanukkah is ideal for commemorating and celebrating together! 

When wishing someone you love dearly "Happy Hanukkah," remember to write your message inside a beautiful Hanukkah pop-up card from our collection or a unique and long-lasting Hanukkah flower bouquet. Add light & joy to their holiday with Lovepop! 

Chag Urim Sameach, dear friends! 

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