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What to Write in a Wedding Shower Card, as the Bride or a Guest

Just Married Wedding Car Pop-Up Card

Wedding season is upon us, and with it -- bridal shower season! As the first wedding event following the engagement, the bridal shower symbolizes love, celebration, and congratulations. A bride's family & close friends gather to express their support & excitement for the impending union. Often, attendees will bring a gift for the bride or couple as they begin their life together. 

If you're wondering what the essential part of a bridal shower is, we have a clue. 

Hint: it's the card. ;) 

So if you're attending a bridal shower and want to make your card extra meaningful, we have some stellar ideas for bridal shower card messages. We're kind of the experts in writing suuuper sweet greeting card messages, so don't worry about it for another minute! We've got you covered. 

This article will guide you as you write thank you notes after your bridal shower if you are the bride. We have gathered the most up-to-date details regarding wedding shower card etiquette, so you don't have to fuss with figuring it out! 

What to Say in a Bridal Shower Card as a Guest

If you are attending a bridal shower, you may wonder whose name to put on the card or how to word your wedding wishes. 

First things first. Address the card to just the bride unless the shower is coed. If the groom & other men will be present, you can also add the groom's name.

When you compose a message to the bride, make it unique by referencing your friendship. Share favorite memories or quotes that carry special meaning. Your uplifting encouragement will be a cherished shower gift.

Pro tip: it's traditional to save the congratulations for the wedding & share your best wishes with the bride for her shower. But, the most important thing of all is that your message is authentic and heartfelt.

If you are still pondering what to write on the card, use one of these thoughtful messages or inspiring quotes as a springboard: 


Bridal Shower Messages for Friends: 

  1. I still remember you beaming the night you told me about this dreamy guy you met in math class. I'm thrilled as you embark on the life of your dreams together (and happy something good came out of that class)! Best wishes to you both! 
  2. You are a precious friend to me, and I'm excited to celebrate with you! May your marriage be filled with laughter, friendship, and many years of happiness. 
  3. Being a part of your bridal party is an honor! I heard this stainless steel cookware lasts forever. I hope your beautiful love will far outlast even the finest pots and pans!

Bridal Shower Messages for Family: 

  1. Wasn't it only yesterday that you were a little bitty thing bouncing around? I'm delighted that you've found someone who complements your cheerful personality! Wishing you many beautiful years together. 
  2. I always knew you'd find someone amazing, and seeing you and (partner) together makes my heart sing. Seeing my big sister happy is comforting. I'm so excited to shower you with love today! Xo. 
  3. Remember when we used to dream about our wedding days? I am so happy to celebrate your dream come true! You deserve a lifetime of happiness. I wish you all the best! 

Quotes for Bridal Shower Cards: 

  1. "To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides." -David Viscott
  2. "It is such a happiness when good people get together--and they always do." -Jane Austen 
  3. "Love is friendship that has caught on fire." -Ann Landers
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What to Write in a Bridal Shower Thank You Card as the Bride

If you are the bride, you will have the task of writing notes after your bridal shower. You want to express gratitude to the event organizers. It's also customary to thank friends & family who attended, whether or not they brought a gift. You may also want to say we missed you to special people who couldn't make it.

Thank you cards are essential whether you write them to the hostess of your party, faraway friends & family who mailed gifts, or to those who came bearing gifts -- and showers of love

What do you love about their gift? Tell them! Or, explain how you plan to spend the cash (so graciously) tucked into a lovely card. It's polite and meaningful to tell your guests that you appreciate their gifts. 

You can keep them concise, share a personal greeting, and thank the giver specifically for the gift. Finally, be sure to personalize and mail them via snail mail. Your guests will be pleased to receive a personal note from you.

You can write these notes on a notecard, which you may have ordered to match your wedding stationery. But, if you opted out of themed shower stationery, no worries! You can find cute notecard packs like these from Lovepop. If you want to send an extra special thank you to the organizers of your bridal shower, you may prefer to send a beautiful thank you card


What should I write in my bridal shower thank you notes? 

Whether you choose to give a thank you card or thank you note following your bridal shower, your kind words are the most important details. 

Here are five essential hints for writing (and sending) conscientious thank you cards:

  1. Make a personal connection.  
  2. A few sentences are sufficient. 
  3. Name the gift & why you like it or how you'll use it. 
  4. Repeat thanks! 
  5. Mail it within three months following the shower. 

To help you out, here are ten examples you may want to elaborate on for your thank-yous. 

Thank you card message ideas for friends or family who sent a gift but couldn't attend:

  1. Hey Jackie, I missed you at my bridal shower. Thank you so much for the plush towels you ordered from our registry. We will get a lot of use out of them. I can't wait to see you at the wedding! Love, Jo
  2. Dear Aunt Mary, I'm sorry you were sick the weekend of my shower. I hope you are feeling tip-top now! Thank you so much for the check you sent in the mail. I can't wait for you to see the new buffet we chose! Love, your favorite niece, Becky 


    Thank you message ideas for the hostesses of your shower:

    1. Dear Cassandra, THANK YOU for going above & beyond planning my extraordinary shower. I'm still floating on cloud 9. The sweet mixer you sent was the icing on the cake, and I can't wait to use it for baking a cake! I'll save you a slice! Xo, Ebony
    2. Dear Aunt Betty, You know how to throw a party! Thank you for planning & hosting my incredible shower. I am obsessed with the luxurious sheets you ordered from our registry. You sure know how to make a girl feel loved. You're the best! Love, Jen

    Thank you card notes for guests in attendance who brought a gift or ordered ahead of time: 

    1. Hi Alexis, thank you so much for coming to my wedding shower. You are the most creative person I know, so I wasn't surprised that you made a gift that I love more than anything. Your personalized cutting board is simply gorgeous. Thanks so much, girl! 
    2. Dear Destiny, I loved seeing you at the shower & want to thank you again for the elegant glass photo frames you brought. I'm eager to fill them with wedding photos in a few months! 
    3. Dear Aunt Kay, the book you gifted me with Grandma's recipes was heartwarming and dear to me. I couldn't resist digging in right away, even though I was so tired after the shower. "Thank you" doesn't seem adequate to express my gratitude. I can't wait to see you soon at the wedding. Love you! 


    Thank you note messages for guests who didn't give a gift:

    1. Dear Sara, I loved seeing you at my bridal shower. It was a treat that you could fly out to celebrate with me. Thank you so much for the precious gifts of your friendship & presence. Love, Liz
    2. Dear Sabrina, thank you for all of your help setting up the shower. Your floral skills came in clutch when we needed to arrange the flowers at the last minute. I will always smile when I remember those sweet (and hectic) memories! Sincerely, Kaitlin
    3. Dear Daphne, I'm so glad you made it to my shower! It is always so wonderful to see you, and I loved having a few moments to catch up. I look forward to seeing you again at the wedding! Hugs, Maria 
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    Bridal showers provide precious opportunities for connection and celebration. So whether you are attending a shower this wedding season or you will be the honoree of your own, we wish you an abundance of sentimental words to express your love, gratitude, and joy.

    Lovepop's unique and artsy thank you cards provide a pretty canvas to express your gratitude as the bride. And if you are an attendee, pop-up cards and bouquets from the Lovepop Wedding Collection are perfect for your most heartfelt wedding wishes. 

    Wedding showers bring pop-up flowers! Happy celebrating! 


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