What to Do for Galentine's & Singles Awareness Day

cherry blossom pop up card

Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Card

Did you know that February 13th is Galentine's Day? This unofficial holiday celebrates female friendship and was officially declared on the ever-so-binge-worthy TV series, "Parks and Recreation" — thank you, Leslie Knope.

Meanwhile, February 15th is Singles Awareness Day, a dedicated day of #singlelife celebration. These two holidays are the perfect opportunities to practice both some self-love and showcase the love you have for your besties!

Here are a few ideas that we've come up with to help you party:

1. Buy yourself some flowers

Fresh flowers are bound to put a smile your face. But if you're allergic to nature or you're worried about keeping fresh flowers alive, we've got you! Check out: Handcrafted Paper FlowersRose Bouquet Red, Lily Bloom, Orchid Bouquet, or Tulip Bouquet. Each is colorful, unique, and designed to stay bloomed and beautiful forever. It's a long-term love affair, for sure.

2. Treat yourself to treats

Let's be real. Sweets make everything better. Whether you decide to indulge by yourself or with friends, no Galentine's Day is complete without a treat. Find a fun recipe online or swing by your local bakery.

champagne pop up card

Champagne Pop-Up Card

3. Propose a toast 

Three cheers for lasting friendships! Three cheers for self-love and care! Draw yourself a nice, hot bubble bath and enjoy a glass of wine. Head out to the bar with your buds and grab a cold one. Stay in with your besties and pop a bottle of bubbly in celebration of your friendship!

love bear pop up card
Love Bear Pop-Up Card

4. Call it an early night

Who says you need to stay up into the wee hours of the night to have a good time? Have a relaxing night with your besties. Break out the face masks and cook something yummy for dinner! Crawl into bed, grab your stuffed bear, and throw on your favorite show. (We suggest "Parks and Recreation," because, without Leslie Knope, we'd be without this Galentine's Day celebration.)

Whether you decide to celebrate the #singlelife this year or want to have a night of friendship filled celebrations, we can help! At the end of the day, to love someone else, you first have to learn how to love yourself and the people in your life who support everything that makes you the most wonderful version of you. Happy Galentine's Day and Single Awareness Day to all!

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