Woman receiving red handcrafted paper flowers

Wedding Anniversary Celebration Guide

Woman receiving handcrafted red paper roses

On your wedding day, you made a public declaration of your love for your partner. Your wedding anniversary is a milestone. It's the perfect time to remember & celebrate your commitment to each other. 

By now, you’ve experienced joy and made incredible memories. But, you have also survived challenges and stuck them out together. 

Your committed partnership and friendship deserve a celebration! Whether you have been together for one, 10, or 25 years, this anniversary guide will help you celebrate your commitment and deepen your connection. There are many more milestones and adventures ahead, and your anniversary is a time to keep the fire burning in your relationship.

What to Do for Your Wedding Anniversary

Many couples enjoy celebrating their anniversary by going on a memorable date or exchanging gifts. Some have annual traditions like dinner at a favorite restaurant, venturing out for a weekend getaway, or setting new goals for the year ahead. 

What should you do? That depends on your common interests and favorite ways to connect. Some celebrations are simple, while others may be more elaborate. Here are five delightful ways to celebrate: 

  1. Go hiking. Embrace your adventurous sides with a scenic hike through a National Park or a visit to a little-known local spot. Enjoy the fresh air & sunshine together. Pack a tent & camp out if you want to enjoy the peace a little longer.
  2. First Date Remix. Visit the place where you first met, had your first date, or got engaged. Reminisce about the "good old days" and the sweetness of falling in love. Rekindle your romance by remembering how it began. 
  3. Have a photoshoot. Recreate photos from the past, or take new pictures to display in your home & office. Enlist a friend to take the photographs, or snap them yourselves if you're photo savvy. 
  4. Dress up & hit the town. You're usually in pajamas or work clothes when you see each other. So dust off your suit or LBD and make reservations at a fancy restaurant, dinner theater, or play. 
  5. Get a room. A change of scenery and a slower pace are essential for connection. Find an adorable B&B online with great reviews, and just lay in bed, meander around town, and simply enjoy being together. 


What to Do for Your One Year Anniversary

People say the first year is tough, and they aren't lying. You alternate between the honeymoon high and the stress of blending your words together. If you are celebrating your first anniversary, congratulations! You have so much to celebrate. 

Despite its difficulties, you will cherish this season forever. Some sweet ideas for celebrating include: 

  1. Create a time capsule. Gather mementos from the first year. When you stumble across it in the future, you'll feel nostalgic, grateful, and undoubtedly warm & fuzzy. Include movie tickets, photographs, lists of things you love about each other, dried flowers from a date, and anything that holds special meaning to you both. Then, decide when you will open it together. 
  2. Celebrate with paper. The traditional first anniversary gift is paper because it represents fresh beginnings. Pick up a new card game, create or order new artwork for your home, or write love letters to save and read later. 
  3. Disconnect to reconnect. Put your phone away, forget about work for a day or two, and enjoy simply being together. Make a list of the highlights of your first year. Jot down a few shared goals for the upcoming year and enjoy this distraction-free moment in your busy lives. 


What to Do for Your 10th Anniversary

When you reach this impressive milestone, your marriage has lasted longer than the average marriage in America... and through a pandemic, no less! So, on your tenth anniversary, celebrate your steadfast commitment uniquely. Some ideas include: 
  1. Give your bedroom a makeover. Hang up framed photos of the two of you, upgrade your bedding, and create a haven for you to spend quality time together. Now is the perfect time to invest in a new mattress if you haven't in a while. (Fun fact: you should replace your mattress every 6-8 years.) 
  2. Take a vacation. Arrange a trip to a bucket list location. Press pause on everyday life & explore a new place together. Or, head back to your honeymoon location to relive the magic. 
  3. Candlelit dinner. Enjoy a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant or in the comfort of your home. Share your gratitude and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate a decade together, and give them this beautiful champagne pop pop-up card


What to Do for Your 25th Anniversary

If you are celebrating your 25th anniversary, you have experienced a lot of life together! You have built a life you're proud of together. You have preserved your friendship for better or worse. So here are some ideas for celebrating this fantastic milestone: 

  1. Renew your vows. This is a perfect time to renew your vows! You're obviously dedicated, but maybe you have always envisioned a second wedding. Host an intimate ceremony with immediate family at home. Invite your friends to join you in a beautiful garden, park, or church as you recommit your lives to one another. Throw the big wedding you never had before! 
  2. Celebrate with silver. If you love exchanging meaningful gifts, get creative! The traditional 25th-anniversary gift is silver, so there are shiny options galore. Creative possibilities include sparkly jewelry, metal wedding song prints, silver-plated picture frames, and stainless steel watches or wedding bands.
  3. Learn something new together. Whether you have always wanted to learn ballroom dancing, cooking, gardening, or art, there are lots of classes online and in person. You will obtain memories and skills that will last a lifetime when you invest in a class or course together.  
  4. Plan a surprise trip for your partner. You know better than anyone where your partner has always wanted to go. Maybe they have dreamed of exploring Italy, visiting the rainforest in Costa Rica, experiencing the black sand beaches of Hawaii, or driving through New England in the fall. Put on your travel agent hat (or hire one!) and give your partner an actual dream come true. 
Two Colorful Lovebirds Pop-Up Card

Anniversary Activities 

Happy, committed couples enjoy spending time together. They have hobbies and engage in fun activities. However, since every pair is different, you may prefer one type of activity over another. 

Anniversary activities come in all shapes and sizes. Some are relaxing, and others are adventurous bonding experiences. Of course, there are also creative and intimate activities. Oh, and don't forget about frugal fun if you are on a budget! 

If you want your anniversary to be extra special, incorporate one of these activities into your celebration. 


Relaxing Anniversary Activities 

Your anniversary is an opportunity to relax & find peace together. During busy stages in life, restful anniversary celebrations can be refreshing & grounding. 

  1. Plan a game night. Enjoy a quiet game night at home. Play board games, card games, or video games. Choose a favorite or try something new. 
  2. Go to a comedy club. You know what they say. Couples who laugh together stay together. Make new memories together at a local comedy club. 
  3. Snuggle the day away. Stay in bed (or on the couch) all day. Watch a movie or binge your favorite show again. Turn off the TV and read to each other, make out, or take a long nap! 

Adventurous Anniversary Activities

Creating new memories together strengthens your bond. Plus, it's good to mix up the same old dinner & movie date routine. Exciting activities release dopamine in your brain, making you feel happier and more connected when you do them. Also, bring this card to remind them that they are your favorite adventure

  1. Explore somewhere new (and random). If you enjoy travel, close your eyes, place your finger on a map, and get ready for an adventure! You can do this with a city, state, or country map. If you're feeling super adventurous, pull out a globe & give it a spin. 
  2. Go to new heights together. Take a hot air balloon, helicopter ride, or go sky-diving together! An experience like this will make your anniversary unforgettable. This hot air balloon pop-up anniversary card is simply adorable! 

Creative Anniversary Activities 

If you are the creative type and want to do something creative for your anniversary, try one of these out-of-the-box ideas:

  1. Choose a random event. If you're feeling spontaneous but indecisive, look up a list of local events. Choose a concert, art show, festival, or class you wouldn't usually go to. Prepare to be entertained, informed, or inspired in a new way... and have lots of fun together.  
  2. Shout it from the... billboards? Rent a billboard (or three) in your town, and share a personal message for your partner. Include a photo *they like* of the two of you, so it will be endearing rather than embarrassing. 
  3. Take an art class. Find a local paint night experience, or enroll yourselves in a course at an art studio. Have you always wanted to try watercolor, painting ceramics, or making pottery? Choose one & learn together!  

Intimate Anniversary Activities

Sometimes no adventure or trip can beat the simple connection of being together. So, if you want to reconnect with a bit of sugar & spice, try one of these sensual ideas: 

  1. Set the mood. Surprise your sweetie by decorating the bedroom with twinkle lights, rose petals, and a mood music playlist. These beautiful red roses will add a romantic touch to your room for months
  2. Give each other sensual massages. Order a new massage oil & treat each other to gentle, sensual massages. This is the perfect treat for a partner who loves physical touch. Enjoying each other is free anniversary fun! 

Budget Anniversary Activities

While we're talking about inexpensive anniversary fun, it's nice to feel like you have options when you're on a budget! These fun, frugal anniversary ideas will help you out if you aren't sure what to do yet. 

  1. Have a dream date. Talk about your hopes for the upcoming year, and imagine what life will look like in 5 or 10 years. You can do this at home or walk through a beautiful park while discussing your future dreams. Give them this card to say, "We're better together."
  2. Opt for less expensive eats. If you go out to eat, go out to breakfast instead of dinner. Or, find a great spot to grab dessert. It will feel special to go out, but it won't be nearly as expensive as dinner! 
  3. Have a homemade pizza party. Spend time together in the kitchen making your own DIY pizzas. Add your favorite toppings, and enjoy your favorite inexpensive bottle of wine. Try to make a dessert your sweetie loves, too! 


Marriage adds beauty to your life when you have a faithful, caring, supportive partner. Sticking by each other through rain or shine is an accomplishment, and you deserve to celebrate & be celebrated! 

As you plan to celebrate, remember that your words are often the greatest gift you can give to your partner. Your encouragement, affirmation, and appreciation are meaningful and build up your relationship. 

Share your heartfelt sentiments with an artsy and creative Lovepop card from our Anniversary card collection. Make your anniversary celebration extra-meaningful this year. 


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