Valentine's Day Cards: Schedule & Send Words of Love

Valentine's Day is a super-sweet occasion for reminding your loved one how much you adore them. One of the best ways to do that is by sending Valentine's Day cards.

Lovepop has the best Valentine's Day card ideas. Express your heartfelt Valentine's Day wishes in a unique and personalized pop-up card. While you may have given printable Valentine's Day cards in the past, we have a new idea: a personalized card you can schedule and send this Valentine's Day!

The Art of Sending Valentine's Cards

The beauty of cards is you can hand-deliver or drop them in the mail. Either way, the message gets delivered: I *heart* you.

You know the feeling when you receive a heartfelt greeting card in the mail or a handwritten note from someone you love? Nothing feels better!

Lovepop's unique pop-up card designs send the sweetest message—in the most adorable way. We like to make it pop! Even better, we make scheduling and sending your Valentine's Day card easy in a few simple steps.

You can start the process by selecting your favorite card from Lovepop's Valentine's Day collection.

What to Write in a Valentine's Day Card

Once you've picked out the perfect card, you are likely wondering what to write in a Valentine's Day card for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone else special in your life.

If you've got writer's block, here are some sweet suggestions to woo your boo. Cheesy? Maybe, but that's what Valentine's Day is for! *Wink.*

  • Wishing the sweetest day to the sweetest person I know! Happy Valentine's Day, love. 
  • You're my favorite part of every day! I love you forever. 
  • Thanks for putting up with me. I love you so much! 
  • You're just my type! (Don't forget the matching card.)
  • I love doing life with you. You make every day better!

Now, how do you make a Valentine's Day card more personal? Especially when you're buying a card, you want to do whatever you can to personalize the message: 

  • Add a unique nickname that you have for your spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend. 
  • Write about a unique quality that you appreciate about them. 
  • Remind them of a meaningful memory you shared that will make them smile.

You may also find new inspiration when you find the perfect Valentine's Day card. A cute card can inspire your most creative message. Browse our Valentine's Day card collection for her to find inspiration.


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How to Schedule & Send Valentine's Day Cards

You may wonder how it works if you've never scheduled a Valentine's Day card. No worries—we can help! There are just a few steps to getting your card scheduled and sent:

  1. Decide who to send Valentine's Day cards to this year; our Valentine's Day checklist can help. 
  2. Choose the perfect card for your Special Someone from Lovepop's Valentine's Day collection. 
  3. Personalize the card. Click on "Personalize & Send" on the page of the individual Lovepop card you'd like to send. You can add a gift card, photo, or personalized note to make it extra special. 
  4. Schedule the card to send so it will arrive just in time. Choose a delivery date on or before Valentine's Day. Then, relax, knowing that it's all taken care of.

Explore Lovepop's Valentine's Day Collections 

From romantic red rose bouquets to adorable pop-up cards featuring silly sayings, Lovepop's Valentine's Day collection has the perfect greeting card or flower bouquet for the one you love! 

Find the card that reminds you of your love from our Valentine's Day cards & gifts collection. Or, if you're shopping specifically for her, we also have an extensive collection of Valentine's Day cards for her.

Explore Lovepop's Valentine's Day offerings and choose your favorite to schedule and send this year.

Order Your Valentine's Card Today 

Lovepop's unique cards are easier than ever to schedule and send to your Valentine. Whether near or far, you can send the most adorable, irresistible Valentine's card.

Schedule & send your Valentine's card now, and ensure it will arrive on time. After all, nothing feels better than receiving a card from a loved one—except maybe giving one!

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