Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gifting

It's the most wonderful time of the year & the ultimate gift-giving season. From family gift exchanges to Secret Santa drawings, there's an endless array of opportunities to find & give super cool gifts. 
With all the gifts to buy, you can start to feel overwhelmed. If you don't want to lose your Christmas spirit, it's best to have a plan for all the guys & gals on your list. 
You also want to be the cool aunt or uncle and give fun gifts to all the kids in the family. And what do teenagers even like these days? 
If you're making your list and checking in twice, we've compiled a list that will help calm the Christmas overwhelm & keep you humming along to all your favorite holiday songs. 

Christmas Gifts for Her

Gifts are her love language. She makes sure you know it & sends links to #allthethings. Then again, she also likes surprises. Finding the perfect present is tricky, but her excitement makes it worthwhile. These are sweet gift ideas for your girlfriend, mom, and sister.

Christmas gifts for girlfriend

Does your girlfriend prefer unique and romantic gifts? Or, is she more appreciative of practical items that improve everyday life? Here are some Christmas gift ideas that will make her wanna kiss you on the lips. 
  1. Crystal jewelry. Many popular crystals have different meanings, but arguably the most popular is rose quartz, called the Crystal of Unconditional Love. Luna Tide, Kendra Scott, and Monica Vinader offer beautiful rose quartz pieces.

  2. Plant-of-the-month subscription. If your GF is a self-proclaimed plant lady, Bloomsybox offers a terrific subscription box, or have Lively Root send a quarterly pet-friendly plant. This gift keeps giving (and growing)! 

  3. A home manicure. A complete home mani set from Olive & June allows you to choose the polish colors she'd like or the seasonal colors. She'll be blissed out with a bit of at-home pampering! 

  4. Cook up something nice. Some kitchen gadgets sound impressive, but maybe they haven't been a top priority yet. Christmas could be the perfect opportunity for a new air fryer, Nespresso, or coveted Always Pan Set if your girlfriend loves to cook! 

Christmas gifts for mom

She's made Christmas magical since she used to sew Christmas jammies & bake homemade cookies for Santa. So make mom's Christmas unforgettable with one of these sweet gifts. 
  1. Honor her story. Let your mom know you value her story & experiences. A Storyworth account & book will make her feel special & allow her to share important pieces of her life with you.

  2. A luxurious leather bag. A stunning leather bag from ABLE provides opportunities for women around the globe & will make your Mama feel extra special this Christmas!

  3. Something shiny as her heart. From Kate Spade's 'Heart of Gold' Bangles to a Gold & Diamond Hummingbird Wing Necklace from Uncommon goods, beautiful gold pieces can remind mom that you appreciate her heart of gold. 

  4. A relaxing craft. From paint-by-numbers to dried floral hoop styling kits, there are so many ways that Mom can decompress from daily stressors. Head to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Target for crafting ideas. 

  5. A bouquet of roses. Gift mom a bouquet of gorgeous handcrafted paper roses, carefully created to exhibit everlasting love. Opt for an elevated take on your usual bouquet of flowers.

Christmas gifts for sister

Shopping for your sister takes you back to exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve as children. Here are some fun, thoughtful, and nostalgic Christmas gifts to transport you both back in time.

  1. A beautiful ornament. Your sister will love a beautiful handmade ornament featuring an illustrated photo of you with your arm around her. Promenadefield on Etsy makes a darling one! Or, send a beautiful pop-up snowflake ornament & card to wish her a Merry & Bright holiday season

  2. Making memories together. Sister time looks different now that you're adults. Give her the gift of A Break From It All. Plan a trip to a fun city like Nashville, a scenic hiking spot like Sedona, or a fabulous foreign location she's always wanted to explore. 

  3. Secret message jewelry. Choose a personal phrase or inside joke to share with your sister. Etsy's JennyandJude will spell it out for you in morse code; it'll be your little secret. 

  4. Something to wear & something to read. Suppose your sister is a bookworm; she'll love it if you indulge her with a couple of new books from her wishlist (or a gift card to a local book shop). Add a cute reading sweatshirt from Thetrinigee or LouisaandCharlie on Etsy!

Christmas Gifts for Him

You know how it goes. A couple of weeks before Christmas, the collective stress about what to get for all the guys ensues. We've found some super cool gifts for your boyfriend, dad, and brother; feel free to share them with your friends & help them keep their cool this Christmas season.

Christmas gifts for boyfriend

Wanna make your guy feel loved & give him something he's actually excited to receive? There are endless cool gifts for guys, whether they are into music, sports, beer, or politics. Check out this inspiration for your beau's Christmas surprise. 

  1. Lyrics from a memorable day. Romantic song lyrics, check. Artwork he likes enough to hang on his wall, check. Lime & Lou's Music Memories Custom Canvas is artsy & thoughtful to memorialize a day he wants to remember forever. 

  2. New York Times Baseball Book. Customize a baseball book from Uncommon Goods. You can choose his favorite team. Then, give him 70+ pages of beautifully curated history from the New York Times. He'll marvel at this unique and beautiful gift! 

  3. A Basket of Beer. Do we even need to ask if your guy likes beer & snacks? GourmetGiftBaskets.com has the ultimate basket of tasty snacks & a dozen different beers from around the world. They call it -- wait for it -- the Around the World Beer Basket. Enough said. 

  4. A Field Trip. If he loves history or politics, gift him a getaway to Washington D.C. Visit the National Museum of American History, the National Museum of African American History & Culture, and the U.S. Capitol, to name a few.  

Christmas gifts for dad

Like dad jokes, the best gifts for dad are usually quirky and weird. But, considering his interests, the things that make him laugh, and the meaningful experiences he'd like to enjoy are all steps to finding the ideal Christmas present for dad. 
  1. A home for his keys. If you had a dollar for every time he lost his keys, well, it wouldn't be nice to talk about how rich you'd be. An engraved wooden docking station is a modern personal touch for his kitchen or nightstand & an ideal spot to keep his belongings safe in one place. 

  2. Beach Gear for Warmer Days. If he's dreaming of summer days in the sand & sunshine, order a cooler bag & protective beach hat. Deliver with a Warm Wishes pop-up Surfing Santa Card.

  3. Handy Herbs. The basil wilted again! The dad who loves growing his herbs for top-secret recipes will love having a hydroponic garden on his kitchen counter. There are quite a few choices if you want to introduce Dad to hydroponic gardening. 

  4. A Playful Photoshoot with his Favorite Toy. If your dad loves his boat, motorcycle, grill, or other toys beyond words, hire a photographer for a mini photoshoot of Dad & his favorites. You can even jump in with him; he'll enjoy making memories & treasure the photos.

Christmas gifts for brother

He's the best guy you've ever known, and you're lucky to call him your brother. What can you give to show how much you think of him? 

  1. Frosty, undiluted beverages. Williams Sonoma makes stylish and super practical whiskey glasses that he can freeze to serve perfectly chilled drinks. 

  2. Groot garb. Three simple words describe your brother: "I am Groot." He's said this phrase more times than you can count, so get him an entertaining Groot t-shirt or a 'Best Brother in the Galaxy' tee & a fantastic pop-up Seasons 'Grootings' card

  3. Backyard fun. Custom wooden cornhole boards are a fun gift with a personal touch. Many local artists make them, or a designer on Zazzle or Etsy can help you create the perfect backyard boards for your bro.

  4. New accessories. Maybe you know your brother's been in the market for a new pair of boots, stylish sunglasses, or a baseball cap. If you know he's not going to splurge for himself; you can give him a special treat. 

Christmas Gifts for Kids

Choosing gifts for kids can be a challenge if you have kids on your list & not a clue what to buy. In such a situation, the key is finding something unique! You'll be everyone's favorite aunt/uncle/friend-of-a-friend this Christmas. 

  1. Where's Waldo, except it's not Waldo. Do you remember everyone's favorite Where's Waldo books, kids' entertainment before screens? Wonderbly makes personalized kids' books so they can spot different versions of themselves in 6 alternate universes. 

  2. Fun & learning at the dining room table. Give kids the gift of learning USA geography & state flowers, birds, and animals. Uncommon Goods' USA Coloring Tablecloth is a fun craft & educational activity for kids.

  3. The story of Jesus. Kids can learn about the story of Jesus through this creative pop-up Nativity Advent Calendar. Daily activities tell the story of Jesus' birth interactively.

  4. Everyone's favorite building tiles. Kids of all ages will enjoy Magnatiles, and there are different brands at varying price points. You can't go wrong with this gift!

  5. A penguin adventure Advent calendar. Pancake the Penguin goes on an exciting adventure through a winter wonderland. Kids love this advent calendar & uncovering the magic of the Golden Key. 

Christmas Gifts for Teens

Many people feel overwhelmed deciding what to give teenagers. If all else fails, gift cards are a pretty safe bet. Below are a few ideas teens will genuinely appreciate, even if you can't tell. 

  1. Boba tea or literally anything else boba. Teens love boba & will think you're the coolest if you get them a Bubble Tea Kit, the Sabobatage Boba Card Game, or the Smoko Boba Tea Pillow from Aerie. 

  2. Whimsical phone accessories. What do teenagers love more than their phones? Switching out the accessories. Pop sockets, phone cases, AirPods cases, phone charms, and more.

  3. A book of relaxation. Coloring is a great way to unwind & a positive self-care tool. Give one of Johanna Basford's beautiful coloring books with Ooly Yummy Yummy scented glitter gel pens. 

  4. Recharging station. Many custom recharging stations can serve as a one-stop charger for their phone, Airpods, and Apple Watch. A simple search will give you lots of choices! 

  5. A personal safety alarm. A Birdie personal safety alarm emits a siren & flashing strobe light for 40 minutes when activated. It's a gift you hope your favorite teen will never have to use, but you'll have peace of mind when they go for a jog or walk to their car after work.

Teacher Christmas Gifts

Don't forget your kiddos' teachers. The best teachers' gifts are often creative, personalized, and individually tailored.
  1. A cozy sweatshirt. You'll have to ask for your teacher's size, but they'll be glad you did. ;) SEmbroideredBoutique on Etsy makes a comfortable & adorable quarter-zip sweatshirt. Your teacher will love her new uniform. 

  2. A punny card & ornament. A pop-up Santa Shark Christmas card from your preschooler will make their teacher smile. An eraser-filled ball ornament reminds them, "The influence of a good teacher can never be erased." 2CraftyChicks2 on Etsy will even add your teacher's name and the year. 

  3. Personalized classroom sign. If your teacher doesn't have a classroom sign with her caricature, are they really a teacher? Of course, they are, but personalized signs from Macorner are the perfect Christmas gift for teachers! 

  4. Christmas tree bouquet. What better way to ring in the holiday season than a Christmas tree bouquet? This Lovepop bouquet will last a lifetime and serve as a reminder of the great student your child is. 

When everyone else starts freaking out about Christmas shopping this year, you can rest assured because you have a plan. When everyone else is in the breakroom feeling Grinchy, you'll be humming the tune of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas while addressing your adorable Lovepop Christmas cards!
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