The 13 Best Teacher Appreciation Ideas to Celebrate the Educators in Your Life

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Being a teacher is a passion as well as an intentional investment in the next generation. We are all aware that these special people deserve the world for assisting our children in becoming the best versions of themselves. Here are our top 13 teacher appreciation ideas to show the special teacher in your life how much they mean to you. 

When is Teacher Appreciation Week?

The first full week of May is designated as Teacher Appreciation Week. That's not to say we can't appreciate our teachers throughout the year, but dedicating an entire week to the occasion is pretty special. This allows schools, school boards, principals, support staff, parents, and students to express their gratitude for the contributions teachers make to their success. 

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas They’ll Love

Teachers have a significant impact on shaping young minds and empowering future generations. Their unwavering passion and dedication for learning deserve our heartfelt gratitude. What better way to show your appreciation than to surprise them with a special gift or gesture? Let's look at a variety of thoughtful teacher appreciation gift ideas that will not only show your appreciation but will also make them smile. Let's celebrate the teachers in our lives and express our gratitude in a memorable way, whether it's the end of the school year, Teacher Appreciation Week, or simply wanting to acknowledge their exceptional efforts.

Practical Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Every teacher could benefit from a few extra classroom supplies. Many teachers enjoy receiving new books, games, and educational materials to share with their students. Let’s explore some practical Teacher Appreciation Week ideas below:

  • A mason jar filled with enough of their favorite stationery items to last the whole school year.

  • Personalized pencils that have a better chance of being returned when students borrow one.

  • A cute stationery organizer that will keep your teacher on top of everything for the year. 

  • A hardback notebook that will stand the test of time. 

  • A weekly teacher’s planner to keep your teacher organized for each school day.

Now that you’ve chose your present from our practical Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas, add some more zest with a pop-up card. Here are some that are guaranteed to make your favorite teacher smile: 

  • Colorful Thank You Pop-Up Card: If you struggle with finding the right way to say thank you, look no further. The front of this dark blue pop-up card features a phrase that reads 'Nothing Says Thank You Like the Words' along with a circular design underneath. Once your teacher opens the card, a large 'Thank You' pops up, surrounded by colorful confetti. 

  • Tulip Bouquet: Nothing says gratitude like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and the paper variations are even better - guaranteed to never wilt! These make a meaningful gift for your teacher, with yellow tulips standing for cheerful thoughts, orange tulips representing happiness, and pink tulips meaning good wishes. 

Unique Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Many teachers end up with the same gifts year in year out. While a classic present is always appreciated, why not go the extra mile with something more unique? Here are some unique teacher appreciation gift ideas that are sure to stick out from the crowd: 

  • A personalized tote bag so they can carry all their belongings from classroom to classroom, with an extra cute twist! 

  • A large coffee tumbler, because what teacher doesn’t need caffeine in the morning?

  • A personalized crayon wreath that they can hang up in their classroom - how fun!

  • A gift card to their local coffee shop, so they can treat themselves to their favorite drinks and pastries.

  • A custom-made ‘’best teacher ever’’ certificate that they can hang up in their classroom for years to come.

  • A  jar (or notebook) full of positive and kind notes from the whole class.

Go above and beyond by adding a special card to your unique present! Here are some ideas from our Teacher Appreciation Cards & Gifts Collection: 

  • You're a Star Pop-Up Card: Your teacher shines bright like a star, so show them how special they are with this card! The cover of this sparkling card is dark blue and speckled with shimmery and twinkling gold and yellow stars. The message "You're a star" is written on the front in an elegant font. Once opened, a vibrant 3D explosion of more gold and yellow stars pops out against a dark colored background, patterned with shooting stars. 

  • Artistic Thank You Pop-Up Card: Is your teacher an art lover? If so, we think they’ll love this colorful and artsy card! The light teal cover of this 3D pop-up card features a blue thank you message written against an array of colorful paint brush strokes. Upon opening this design, an orange striped “Thank You” sculpture pops up, covered in various paint colors. 

Edible Teacher Appreciation Gifts

When it comes to showing appreciation, what could be sweeter than edible gifts? Treat your favorite teacher to a delightful surprise with these adorable and delicious teacher-themed baked goods. These edible gifts not only satisfy the taste buds but also bring a touch of creativity to the classroom. Here are some edible ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week to inspire you:

  • Apple-Shaped Cookies: Make a batch of delicious sugar cookies in the shape of apples and top them with bright red icing. These adorable treats will be an excellent representation of the time-honored symbol of teacher appreciation.

  • Pencil Pretzel Rods: To make cute edible pencils, dip pretzel rods in yellow or pink candy melts and top with a chocolate tip. You can even write messages or draw tiny details like eraser tops or lead lines with a food-safe marker.

  • Book Cupcakes: Make a batch of cupcakes and decorate them to look like miniature books. Create personalized book covers with fondant or icing, or even write the titles of your teacher's favorite books.


Celebrating and appreciating the educators in our lives is important to do in a meaningful way. From their tireless efforts in the classroom to their unwavering dedication to shaping young minds, teachers deserve our utmost admiration and gratitude whether you choose to create a handmade gift, personalize a thoughtful note, or explore the world of edible delights, the key is to express your appreciation in a genuine and memorable way. Discover memorable gifts that pair nicely with our teacher appreciation ideas from our Teacher Appreciation Cards & Gifts Collection.
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