Introducing the Star Wars x Lovepop Holiday Collection!

Introducing the Star Wars x Lovepop Holiday Collection!


It’s going to be a very galactic holiday! We’ve blasted off with Star Wars™ for the third time to create a series of impressively merry designs for the season.

Each handcrafted Lovepop celebrates the beloved Star Wars characters and imagines them in extra spectacular holiday scenes. These three exclusive designs feature Lovepop’s signature 3D paper art sculptures and vibrant full-color illustrated background. They are the perfect festive fan-tasy gifts for the holiday season!

Chewie Porgs Star Wars Lovepop pop up card

Chewie™ and Porgs™ Christmas 
Our designer Jason imagined Chewbacca™ and his The Last Jedi™ pals teaming up to decorate a Resistance-themed holiday tree for the holidays. In this adorable design, Chewie and his fluffy companions wind multi-colored lights and bulbs on a 3D tree sculpture, while teetering and getting tangled in the process. “It’s too good — and yet also plausible — not to make a card out of it,” he adds. “I hope the scene is as endearing for customers as it was for me while designing it.”

Yoda Present Star Wars Lovepop pop up card

Yoda™ Present
Kincso decided to give the ever-wise Yoda a holiday makeover as a playful elf bursting from a wrapped gift in this vibrant and jolly scene. Jawas™ handing stockings by the fire with care in the background. “I think the illustrations of this card set the mood really well and take the design to the next level,” she adds. We think the intricately designed Yoda Present card is a perfect holiday gift to the merriest mentor you know.

R2-D2 Star Wars Lovepop pop up card

Festive R2-D2™ 
Joe decided to give a traditional Tatooine™ home a winter update and depict the series’ beloved droids getting ready for the holidays. The playful scene is an imagined twist on the hijinks the trio partake in throughout of the film series. “R2-D2 gets himself into some trouble by getting all tangled in the holiday lights,” he explained. “And while helping turn BB-8™ into a snowman, C-3PO™ glances over in shock at the mess R2-D2.”

Explore these three new impressive designs — just in time for the season’s kickoff — at Send these and our other Star Wars cards to make any fan’s (holi)day more merry, bright, and out of this galaxy.

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