Introducing Star Wars™ and Lovepop for Valentine’s Day  

Introducing Star Wars™ and Lovepop for Valentine’s Day  


Star Wars and Lovepop for Valentine's Day

Our fourth AWESOME collection with Star Wars™ focuses on the most romantic time of the year: Valentine’s Day. We reimagined two of the films’ most iconic characters, BB-8™ and Yoda™, as they might celebrate the big day on February 14th.

BB-8 Mine Lovepop pop up card
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Introducing BB-8 Mine 

Our designer Dalex was inspired by BB-8’s ability to be equally awesome and adorable: “It only made sense that he’d be one of the characters sharing the love during Valentine’s Day!”

BB-8 Mine features the unforgettable droid carrying a bundle of roses, rolling full steam ahead, with a cut-out heart clutched in his hand.

“In the films, one of my favorite things about BB-8 is the creative way he used his droid arms to be expressive,” explained Dalex. “It was really fun to explore what other kinds of things he might be holding to make a cute Valentine's Day scene.”

Yoda Cupid pop up Lovepop card
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Introducing Yoda Cupid

Our second creation depicts Yoda as Cupid — complete with a bow and Lightsaber™ arrow. Designer Kincso said it was “only a matter of minutes” before they envisioned the Jedi™ master as a cherub: “He is just about the right height and proportions!”

This pink and red pop-up creation shows Yoda floating above the clouds, ready to strike with his glowing green “arrow.” (We suspect his aim is spot on.)

“I am going to gift this card to my fiance because I want him to know that I haven't yet entirely turned to the Dark Side,” Kincso jokes.

These two new Star Wars creations are sure to bring a smile to the face of lifelong fans and newcomers alike. Explore our full library Star Wars x Lovepop designs and start your collection with a whole lot of love.

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