A peek at Star Wars™ Series II: Five impressive new designs!

A peek at Star Wars™ Series II: Five impressive new designs!

We are thrilled to introduce Series II in our Lovepop designs inspired by the iconic characters and scenes of Star Wars™. Each of these five cards (and two AWESOME box sets) features an unforgettable movie moment, making them the perfect pocket-size collectible for any super fan and a next-level galactic companion to Star Wars x Lovepop, Series I.

Our team had a blast creating these five new designs (movie binge nights most definitely happened), and we cannot wait to share them with you! We were thrilled for an opportunity to pay homage to the imagination and spectacle of Star Wars, and aimed to capture those historic film memories in a way that you’ll be proud to gift to your friends and family — or keep for yourself! (We wouldn’t blame you.)

TIE Fighter™ 

Continuing in our designs inspired by the Star Wars’ fleets, the TIE Fighter™ was a favorite of Patrick’s to design. Like the Millennium Falcon™ and X-wing Starfighter™  in our Series I collection, Patrick aimed to recreate each intricate detail of the TIE Fighter for fans. “The TIE Fighter is one of the more challenging ones and I loved the experience of trying to make it work in a Lovepop,” says Patrick. “I was able to get the dimensions and proportions as spot on to the movie as possible.” 

Darth Vader™ 

Patrick brought the most feared villain in the galaxy to life, recreating his jet black helmet against the glowing grates of the Death Star. While his helmet incites fear in the hearts of many in the galaxy, we think this card could create joy for anyone who has grown up listening to the sinister sounds of Vader’s deep, staggered breaths. An avid Star Wars fan, Patrick knows exactly who should receive the stunningly realistic 3D paper art sculpture of Darth Vader’s helmet: your father!

Stormtrooper Squad

Stormtrooper™ Squad

Norma’s design was inspired by a scene in Return of the Jedi. I remember how cool it was to see rows and rows of Stormtroopers standing with their blasters in their hands awaiting the arrival of the Emperor,” says Norma. “It was such a natural and perfect fit as a backdrop to this sculpture.” She collaborated with Joe to pay proper homage to the memorable scene, “He figured out a way to keep [the folds] at equal distance to each other and retain the illusion of looking through the open portal into the galaxy.”

A cute companion to our Chewbacca™ RARRRGGHH! design, this card is a rounder, softer version of a Stormtrooper Squad.

R2-D2™ and Jawas™ 

Our designer Joe has been a fan of this lovable robot sidekick since he was a little kid and he rallied for the opportunity to recreate R2-D2 in card form. “I love this droid,” he says. “It can't talk in words yet it's very expressive and has a personality with just those beeping noises.” The original design featured C-3PO™  and the droid’s crashed ship, but was replaced by Jawas — the mysterious scavengers who capture and rescue R2 and return him to his heroic counterparts.

Death Star™ Showdown

Chewbacca™ and Han Solo™ face a squad of Stormtroopers™ in this fan favorite scene in “A New Hope.” Our designer Dalex says, “I've loved Star Wars since I was a little kid, so the opportunity to make Han and Chewbacca was amazing.” The card features two distinct Lovepop folds, for a complex and dynamic design that captures the energy and spirit of Han and Chewie’s rescue mission at the end of the film.

We are thrilled to work alongside Star Wars to create these five galactic designs — as well as, special GOLD starships exclusive to our SERIES II Collector's Box and SERIES I Collector's Box.

We won’t blame you if you want to gift them all…  or make your own mini-movie set with them…. or collect them all for yourself and save them forever. We get it.

May the Force™  be with you.

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