Celebrate with the Force™ this year

Celebrate with the Force™ this year

Star Wars pop up birthday cards

Get ready for an out of this world celebration.

We're galactically excited to announce the launch of two new Star Wars™ designs: Yoda™ Birthday and Darth Vader™ Celebration. These designs are the perfect way to show the Jedi in your life that you appreciate them and their dedication to the Force.

yoda birthday pop up card

Yoda™ Birthday

Upon opening this design, a little green Yoda™ pops out of the middle of a blue, frosted birthday cake. Holding onto his lightsaber, Yoda is covered in white sprinkled icing and is wearing a blue striped party hat. The delicious looking cake is floating in space, surrounded by specks of bright white stars.

Our designer Kincso thought that after designing Yoda™ Cupid and Yoda™ Present, it only made sense to create a birthday version of Yoda, too. "As a Jedi master of unparalleled powers and a fun balance of wisdom and wit, it was only a short leap to have him breaking out of a cake," Kincso said.

Yoda™ Birthday is the perfect way to send witty and wisdom-filled birthday wishes to the Star Wars™ fan in your life this year. Any fan would be ecstatic to receive this frosting covered Yoda design.

darth vader celebration

Darth Vader™ Celebration

Upon opening this design, Darth Vader™ and Obi-Wan™ stand across from each other, ready to duel aboard the Death Star™. However, this duel is far from typical! In lieu of his usual blue lightsaber, Obi-Wan holds a colorful, smiling piñata. Meanwhile, Darth Vader wields his red lightsaber, ready to battle -- for candy, that is!

Our designer Kincso was very excited to collaborate with Vietnamese designer Chung on this rework of our previous design: Obi-Wan™ vs. Darth Vader™. "It's really out of character for Darth Vader to be celebrating with a pinata, so it was a fun design to work on overall," Kincso said.

Give this Darth Vader™ Celebration card to any Star Wars™ fan in your life — even if they support the dark side of the Force™. Anyone who always has their lightsaber at the ready will appreciate this fun and galactic design.



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